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Happy Ganesh Chaturthi

Firstly wishing everyone a very Happy Ganesh Chaturthi. A quick post to share my Khoobsurat Moment with L'oreal Paris on Ganesh Chaturthi eve with my family. All of us have gathered at my Grandpa's house for a family get together. I am not a huge into wearing jewellery during festivities. Mainly because I am the guinea pig who is tossed around to do most of the work! Elegant outfit, minimum makeup and gorgeous hair (thanks to L'OréalParis) is my mantra for this festival. I thought colouring my hair would make it dull & damage it but it has made my hair look glossy & the colour looks great! I hope you are spending time with family and friends. Will be back with more Khoobsurat moments and contests with L'Oréal Paris. Also, don't forget to check out Get the look for hairstyle trends.


Anarkali : Lifestyle (Sale buy, cost me Rs.3000)
Heels : Steve Madden India (Sale buy, cost me approx Rs.2900)
Watch : C/o Skagen Denmark
Hair color : L'Oréal Paris Casting Creme Gloss (Buy here)

Photos thanks to my sister Prajwala Jayram.

Until next time!

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Khoobsurat moment with L'oreal Paris

Well it was high time I posted my Khoobsurat moment in association with L'oreal Paris. Honestly I never felt so good about my hair for a really long time! The Casting Creme Gloss shade beautifully compliments my natural hair color. Due to the mehindi I had applied a month ago, different hair strands have taken its own color path. I love the contrast of colors. The best part and contrary to popular belief - I was able to do this at home in 20 minutes! These photos are taken during my recent trip to Ranganathittu bird sanctury with my friends. Nothing like spending quality time with friends in a tranquil place with an amazing scenic drive to get there. The best part was compliments about my new hair which was like icing on the cake!

I wanted my outfit to be very comfortable and stylish for the journey. I opted for a simple full length shirt and maxi skirt. Keeping in my mind it was a long drive and mosquito problems, I did not want to wear a tank top with my maxi skirt. I opted for gladiators, simple accessories and sling bag to complete my outfit. Ranganathittu was about 3 hours drive. We stopped by the Kamat hotel to enjoy sumptuous Karavalli meals and North Karnataka meals. We managed to reach at a peaceful time to go boating and enjoy bird watching. I also did manage to spot a crocodile.All in all, amazing day well spent with my friends and new hair. I hope you liked my first Khoobsurat moment, I cannot wait to share many more Khoobsurat moments and to try some of the hottest hair trend ideas on my coloured hair at Get The Look.

:: OUTFIT DETAILS :: Maxi Skirt C/o (Buy here)
Shirt Zara Sale (Paid Rs.1990)
Sling bag C/o (Buy here)
Earrings C/o Claire's Katy Perry Collection (Buy here)
Iphone cover C/o Claire's Katy Perry Collection (Buy here)
Gladiator heels C/o Theclosetlabel (Buy here)
Sunglasses C/o
Watch C/o Skagen Denmark
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Watch Buying Guide with

I always believed that a statement watch can make a lot of difference to any outfit. Therefore it is very important for me to choose the right watch with all of my outfits. Over the years, I realized the importance of having a collection of "timeless pieces". I basically believe in having 4 types of watches in my wardrobe.

1. Every day watch : If you work in a corporate environment it is important to have a polished, professional and sensible watch to compliment every day needs. I prefer to opt for analog watch than a digital watch. Somehow, digital watches does not scream professional. I prefer metal band option than leather mainly because metal band option is more durable.

2. Weekend watch : For me, a weekend watch is one which is durable, rugged and utilitarian. I prefer a budget friendly watch which is water resistant. Great for hiking, trips and adventure activity. These also look great with casual outfit and add a sporty zing to any outfit. For me, Fastrack has the best weekend watches which are available at pocket friendly prices.

3. Luxury watch : Being in a client facing role, it is extremely important for me to look prim and proper every time I head out to a meeting. I needed a watch which was a timeless classic. Therefore, I invested in a Michael Kors watch.

4. Fourth watch : We women do need some bling factor even in our watches. An oversized rose gold/ gold metallic watch which can work as a transition piece for Indian and western clothes is a must have! Moreover, we can add some funky bracelets with these watches to create interesting arm candy.

Be it an everyday, weekend, luxury or fourth watch, Fastrack has some amazing collection to suit all your needs. Check out Fastrack watches available at Don't forget to check out Watchkart for some timeless beauties!

Do let me know according to you which are the must have types of watches in your wardrobe!

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Busting Hair Color Myths

Hi everyone! We have all heard many hair color myths which have trickled down the generations.“Pluck a gray hair and two will grow in its place”, “Hair color will damage my hair”. But how many of these myths are true and how many have just been told repeatedly until we have started to accept them. Remember I had mentioned I will write a blog post busting hair color myths? Time to deliver on the promised blog post.

Myth 1: Colored hair is prone to breakage and split ends.
False: Coloring your hair can cause it to become dry, especially if you don’t use products to condition you hair. However, color’s not the only culprit. UV rays and heated styling tools like a blow dryer, curling iron or straightening iron can cause dry, split ends too. Stop blaming the hair color!

Myth 2: We have to use color-enhancing shampoo, glaze or conditioner to keep hair looking lively.
True: Invest in at-home color-enhancing glaze or shampoo. They help close the cuticle. They also add a transparent coat of color and promote intense shine. To reduce hair damage, look for products which are ammonia- free.I chose to try out Casting Crème Gloss!

Myth 3: Mayonnaise can be used as a deep conditioner for dry, color-treated hair.
False: I suggest we keep the mayonnaise for salad dressing.

Myth 4: We need to use products made specifically for color-treated hair.
False: But it is suggested to use products designed for color-treated hair. These products help prevent the color from fading. The main cause for color fading is UV rays and water.

Myth 5: Summer sun makes your color fade quickly.
True: Harmful UV rays any time of the year can make color fade and can also dehydrate hair. Especially during summer it is important we use products that contains UV protectors to guard and hydrate your hair every day.

Myth 6: You need a color that matches your eyes.
False - Not at all. It’s important to match your hair color to your skin tone. If you are fair, try shades like ash, violet or mahogany. But if you have a yellowish or a brown tone, you should go for shades like red, gold or copper.

I hope this post busts some myths related to hair coloring. Watch out this space for my Khoobsurat moment.

Loads of love,



How to Color your Hair With L'oreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss

Hi everyone. I hope you got a chance to check which color I opted for in the previous "SAY YES TO COLOR" blog post( Read here, buy hair color here). I am back with step by step tutorial to color curly hair for the first time. The most basic step for any newbies is to take an Allergy test.

After I took the allergy test, I realized I did not have any severe reaction to hair color except for a little discomfort. This is normal for me, because I have sensitive skin and it tends to react to extremely minute changes. Nevertheless, I consulted my friend who is a colorist expert plus hair salon owner and my doctor. After getting a go ahead from both of them, I took the help my friend to color my hair. With L'oreal Paris Casting Creme, it is very easy to color it at home (my mom applies it regularly at home). Casting Creme Gloss is a do it yourself hair colour which means that if you are going global you didn't necessarily need to go to salon! It simple to colour your hair at home in just 20 mins! But to be on a safer side, I preferred to have an expert next to me. My friend came up with an excellent hack of using aluminium foil to do global hair coloring. Unlike the most common belief that aluminum foil can be used only for highlighting. It is actually a great trick to avoid any unnecessary complications.

NOTE : If you have any reaction to hair color, request you to consult your doctor immediately.

I prefer to wash my hair before coloring.

As you can notice, I have thick curly hair. It is very difficult to make proper sections without drying my hair. Moreover, I get severe migraine if I leave my hair wet for more than five minutes. So it is extremely important to dry my hair. You must be wondering how can I color without mildly wetting my hair? I have a hack for that as well. Check out the last step for it.

Brush your curly hair to untangle it. Now make proper sections. This is very crucial to get all over coverage. Divide your hair into three or four even quadrants and secure it with alligator clips.

Use a mixing bowl and brush instead of bottles. This gives better control when applying the hair color. Mix the casting creme and developer and set it aside.

Now for the most awaited hack. Take a section of your hair, use an aluminium foil strip underneath the section of hair. Ensure the color just touches the root and not the scalp. This prevents the scalp from reacting and aluminium foil strip acts as a great barrier. The strip helps in avoiding the color mix contact with the scalp. Mildly wet the section of hair by spraying water. Apply the hair color mixture and fold the aluminium foil. Repeat the same for your entire hair. Though this process is cumbersome but it is a great way to color your hair if you have a sensitive scalp. By mildly wetting my hair section by section, I could avoid the heaviness of wet hair and managed the whole hair coloring process migraine free!

Keep the color undisturbed for about twenty minutes. Keeping a timer is best solution. After twenty minutes, remove the aluminium foil carefully and rinse your mane properly with lukewarm water to avoid any residue. Apply a good amount of the Nutri-Shine Shampoo Conditioner, which came with the box. Let it work its magic for about three to four minutes. Rinse your hair again with lukewarm water. I usually let my hair air dry and then set it using serum.

You must be wondering where is the before and after photos. Well watch out this space for Khoobsurat unveiling of my colored hair! Until next time..

Loads of love,