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Powerpuff Girl

For someone who has been blogging for sometime now, I have seen both highs and lows of it. For me blogging has always been a creative outlet which satisfied me. It's been quite sometime that I was extremely excited about any photoshoot. On Sunday, it was one of those golden days when I used to cherish shooting. From dreaming about which location I will shoot, calling my friend Virender and asking him to shoot for me and getting ready. Every single aspect of it I enjoyed and reached my location to shoot. After all the drama, I landed up with a DSLR with no memory card. Virender who had travelled an hour and half just to shoot. Being the nice guy, he graciously shoot few photos from my iPhone.

I contemplated whether to put up these photos are not. Keeping in mind the drastic changes in how blog photos should be and with the advent of Instagram bloggers where numbers speak quality of work, than actual work. I decided to move ahead blog with these photos. This blogpost is an representation of my love for blogging.

I would like to dedicate this blogpost to all those people who supported me through the years of blogging. To my readers who believed in the quality of work and geninuely appreciated my work. I would like to thank all the photographers : Vignesh, Murali, Monish, Sahana and Dhatri who worked with me through the years. I would like to thank my mother who supported my decision to blog in her small ways and my sister Prajwala who came to my rescue when I needed help, be it as a model or as a photographer. A big thank you to Virender who was excited to take photos for my blog! I believe in life we need to appreciate the small endeavours people make. We are so busy in crafting a so-called beautiful tomorrow that we forget that the present is more important and we need to appreciate that. A big thank you to everyone who helped me. I believe a small gesture can make more difference than a grand one. A big thank you to everyone who made those small gestures. "A big Thank you"

Hope you liked the post and the styling !

Loads of love,



StilettosDiary X ShoppersStop Feat Spring Summer 2016

Hi Everyone!

If you have been following me on Instagram or Facebook, then you will know that recently I was invited by Shoppers Stop to review their Spring Summer 2016 collection at Orion East Mall, Banaswadi. I had great fun catching up with fellow bloggers and of course interacting with the Shoppers Stop team.

First up, I was most eager to check out Shoppers Stop’s private brands since I had heard so much about their Spring Summer collection. And all it took was one visit to their store for me to fall in love with the Spring Summer vibe of all the #BrandsofShoppersStop – Life, haute curry, Stop & Elliza Donatein.

Each of these brands had some key style statement pieces for Spring Summer 2016. Life collection reflects youth style with an array of perky floral dresses, cropped top, cute skirts, funky shorts and eye catching accessories.Life also offers a solid denim collection. The dungaree and polka dot tee from the denim collection were my favourites!

Haute Curry collection is a perfect blend of funky and eclectic style. The brand is a fusion of indo-western fashion and has pretty dresses with hand embroidery, kaftan tops, kurta-dresses and gorgeous accessories to add the oomph factor to your outfit. The materials are extremely light weight, airy and fit to beat the heat.

The iconic brand Stop offers a great assortment of every day causals. The hallmark of the collection were basic t-shirts, blouses, summer jackets and ever day pants. Lastly, my favorite was the Elliza Donatein collection. Perfect for someone who has a daytime job and loves chic work wear, the collection embodied spiffy, formal and elegant looks.

The pop of colors, soft silhouettes made the collection stylish and wearable for Bangalore summer.

Do check out the Shoppers Stop store at Orion East Mall, Banaswadi and tag me your buys/favourites from the collection on my Instagram feed!

Loads of love,



Stilettos Diary X Gillette Venus #SubscribeToSmooth Challenge

Hi Everyone! I am back with yet another blog post with Gillette Venus and an update regarding #SubscribeToSmooth challenge. I embarked on this journey a month back to better understand the nuances of shaving. I have shared my experience every week with all of you.

After my experience, I am glad to share that my preferred method of hair removal is shaving and my Gillette Venus shaving kit now literally travels with me wherever I go. The kit is extremely light weight and portable. It is complete value for money. Not only I do not have to track down parlours but also saves time required to go to any parlour and wait just to get my hair removed. The best part is anyone can do this at home any time without getting any appointment and prior training. I have never shared this with anyone, but a bit of blogger confession does no one any harm, nowadays I carry it in my bag and even use it for quick shaves before important meetings.

The most important element, contrary to popular belief it does not cause any skin damage or discolouration (Read here). It does not cause any uneven hair growth as previously established hair growth is associated with one's genetics and nothing to do with shaving. (Read here)

I hope the methods and tips (Read here & here) I have learned through my journey helped all of you. To get the best result out of shaving, I suggest that you pick up the All in one Gillette Venus shaving kit with the razor, a pack of shaving cartridges and Satin Care Shave Gel.

Don't forget to share those queries! For more questions about shaving you can also refer to Gillette Venus’s app

Loads of love,



Up, Up and Away !

Every time I think about capes, it reminds me of Superman. Fittingly he is my childhood/ adulthood favourite superhero (Yeah, I am one of those comic books fanatic). The blog title is taken from one of his favorite quotes and the first photo is my "EPIC FAIL"attempt to copy the famous illustration. Nevertheless, of late I am feeling nostalgic, this blog post is ode to Superman and all the superman-buffs like me out there, who made through their childhood pretending and impersonating him.

Talking more about the outfit, it's no-brainer that "white sneakers" are the footwear of the year! For someone who hates sneakers (all those childhood memories of wearing the hideous ones to school every day) I had denounce them from my life. After much contemplation, I have planned to never let them enter my life again. The best alternative where these white slip-ons I found. These slip-ons do not make me feel like I am wearing sneakers, but more so I feel like I am wearing plimsolls. Extremely comfortable and stylish. The glitter in the back adds the glamour quotient I am looking for. I never thought lightweight knitwear dress would be so comfortable during horrible (let me repeat that "horrible") summer heat, but turns out the dress is super comfortable. I paired it with a black maxi dress (worn as cape) and completed the look with white slip-ons, simple accessories and a statement bag.

Clock Bag - C/o (Similar here, here and here)
Sunglasess - C/o (Similar here, here and here)
Dress - ZARA India
White Slip-ons- ZARA India
Necklaces - Stilettos Diary Shop (On sale. If interested drop me a note)
On my Lips - Chanel (Old)
On my nails - Faces Kermit Green and Grey

Do let me know what you think of the styling and of course my Upendra influenced hairstyle.

Check out more amazing photography by Muralidhara Nidwannaya. Click on the image!

Loads of love,



Stilettos Diary Tips to beat Summer Heat in Style

I never thought there will come a day when I will have to tolerate 41 deg in Bangalore. Born and brought up in the streets of central Bangalore, surrounded with Magnolia (Sampige) and Margosa trees, the plight of Bangalore weather makes me feel sad and nostalgic about the good old Bangalore days.

I literally am re-jigging my entire wardrobe to simple cottons to beat the heat. One item which has been a saviour are my jumpsuits. If I am feeling the heat, then definitely so are other Bangaloreans. Therefore, I decided to put up a blog post of basic outfits one can wear this summer.

1. Jumpsuits : I cannot begin to say how comfortable these are. Style these with pair of heels to feel dressy, or wear a light weight kimono jacket and flats to get through the hump days. The best part no matter what age, these look classy and effortless. I found some stylish and classy jumpsuits for girls and women at Read More....

2. Dresses : Floral dresses and summer are synonymous right? Simple dress with pair of heels to conquer the mundane days. If you are not a heels person, then pair them with simple sandals (or sneakers) and few funky jewellery. Read More....

3. Shorts : I personally do not like hot-pants, but if you do, high time to get them out. I prefer bermuda shorts and simple ill-fitted crop top for casual strolls. You can add a bit of feminine flare by pairing it with loafers with bow embellishments. You can pair hot-pants or shorts with basic tee and espadrilles. Read More....

4. Skirts : I have always been a skirt girl. Free flowing, comfortable, classy and stylish. Dress them up with tee and sneakers for the long summer days. If you are not a sneaker person like me, then plimsolls are great alternatives. Add a choker necklace to finish the look. Read More....

5. Maxi : Best thing about Maxi dresses, they come in quirky prints and plains. You can choose according to your preference and style them up with sandals, light weight jackets or scarves. Read More....

6. Basics : I cannot emphasize how important it is to stack basics in your wardrobe. Spaghetti tops, plain t-shirts, light weight shirts and cotton crop tops. Possibilities are endless to style these. Read More....

I hope these styling tips will help you get through the very hot summer.

Until next time!

Loads of love,