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Planet Fashion Celebrates 15 Years of Fashion

Madura Fashion & Lifestyle launched Planet Fashion – a specialty menswear showroom in 2001 to provide a unique shopping experience to its customers. On 5th November 2015, Planet Fashion completed 15 successful years of providing a superior retail experience and offering men a one-stop destination for all their apparel needs.

On the occasion, Planet Fashion showcased their latest collection at a fashion show featuring Santosh CS – a Rally Biker and Behram Siganporia – the lead of the music band One Night Stand. The show was divided into 4 sections, offered the progressive Indian man a host of wardrobe solutions for all occasions.

The Suit Collective: A stunning and endless gathering of Classic Suits, Tuxedos, three piece suits and Bandhgalas. The Suit Collective is a celebration of the groom, his friends and their wedding trousseaus.

All whites: Every white shirt you ever dreamed of having -from classic plain to textured stripes. An array of collars and cuffs to play with, the best white shirt leads this pristine offering.

Wrinkle Frees: Turn every head in your workplace! Stay comfortable and stylish with easy and low maintenance everyday work wear range. The non-iron shirt from this collection can't be missed and deserves to be hunted down and pinned up!

Party Attire: When you want to party have to make a pit stop at Planet Fashion. Period. The collection features shirts and jackets that get you in the groove much before your spirits end up high.

Crafted on the principles of Formals, Fashion, Fun and Friends, Planet Fashion’s new brand identity is youth-centric and symbolizes infinite fashionable and stylish options for the progressive Indian man. Don't forget to check out the new collection at the nearest Planet Fashion store.

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How to Choose a Watch for a Woman Who is Always on the Go

For today's modern professional woman, style is just as important as function when it comes to the type of watch they choose for themselves. If you're looking to get a gift for that special woman in your life who's always on the go, you need to choose wisely for her to truly enjoy it. While you may think that you should just get a feminine watch from an expensive brand, you would be surprised at how some women prefer function over form, especially when taking into consideration how easily some of today's female oriented luxury watches are easily damaged.

Not only that, there are also some women who have an eye towards male oriented watches; however, the sheer size of some of these timepieces often make women reluctant to buy them. Thus, when it comes to choosing the right watch for a woman on the go, you need to consider what sort of situations she is normally in and whether luxury or functionality would be best suited for her in the long run.

Form or Function?

The debate between functionality or form is based on the changes that have occurred in society at the present as more women enter into the workplace. For instance, when examining watch designs oriented towards women during the early 1960s to the early 1980s, it can be seen that despite the variety of brands, the designs stayed true to schematics of having relatively thin straps and small watch faces. In fact, in some of the more luxury oriented models, it was common for the strap to resemble a bracelet with a clasp at each end to hold the watch together.

These watches were developed primarily for form given that they were not known for their overall level of durability. On the other end of the spectrum, by the mid-1980s onward, trends in female watch design changed as watch companies observed greater trends of more women entering into professional positions in corporations or even in the government.

The New York Times states that a shift occurred where there were now two classifications of women's watches, one for form and one for function. Functional watches are similar to the designs for their male counterparts albeit smaller and having a watch face design whose aesthetics are more oriented towards female customers. For instance, online luxury watch seller Zimson has a large variety of watches for women on sale; however, when examining most of them, it can be seen that many of their wares are oriented towards function with only a few being specifically for form alone. This selection, as stated by, mirrors current estimates regarding watch purchases over the past few years where demand for function outstrips that of form when it comes to the watch industry.

Does Functional Mean Cheap?

One of the current misconceptions regarding functional female watches is that they are cheap due to the quality of their materials and their bulky shape, nothing could be farther from the truth. Ranging from brands such as Omega and Dior, functional watches are just as aesthetically pleasing as their form counterparts; however, they have the added benefit of being far more durable. As for the composition of their materials, it should be noted that the durability of functional watches is based on the fact that they are made of an assortment of high tech materials.

For instance, there are some functional women's watches that are made out of ceramic-metal composites that are light yet nearly unbreakable unless subjected to extreme force. Aside from that, the popularity of scratch proof watch faces has grown within the past decade to the extent that many brands include them in the overall design of their functional watches. Not only that, when looking at brands such as Omega and Dior, it can be seen that just because a watch can be considered as functional does not mean that it is not aesthetically pleasing.

The designs, while somewhat similar to watches for men, definitely have a feminine vibe to them as evidenced by the presence of crystal or cubic zirconium inlays into the front of the watch. It is based on this that if you were to think that functional watches were cheap and ugly to look at, you would definitely be wrong on both counts.

Form Does Have Its Good Points

While this post has so far stated that functional watches are growing in popularity among women, which does not mean that watches based on form have disappeared from the market. Due to changing demand, form based watches have gotten far more extravagant and luxurious with some models looking more like pieces of jewelry than actual watches. All in all, if you take the snippets of this article, you will definitely be able to find the right type of watch for a woman that is on the go.

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5 Guess Watches That Can Complete A Killer Look

Watches are an extension of your personality; they can enhance your ensemble and complete the look you’re going for. Whether you’re incorporating a sporty vibe or a more suave corporate one, the right watch can make all the difference. While choosing a watch, you need to be able to single out what best suits your personal style.

Today, a watch is much more than a simple timekeeping device; even though the cell phone in your pocket can tell you the time, a watch is a style statement. Guess is a brand that needs no introduction, and Ethos features a simply stunning range of Guess watches. Let’s take a look at 5 watch models that can be key to pulling off a great look, whatever the occasion!

Guess Wafer Men’s Watch (W70016G2)

You can never go wrong with this watch from the American manufacturer’s “Dress” collection, which can be worn for any occasion. This watch has a timeless appeal thanks to its round face. You can wear it with casual wear, or combine it with a suit to achieve the all-business look. Because of its thin “wafer” design, the watch is also relatively lightweight and is easy to wear throughout a long busy day.

The W70016G2 is an analogue watch with a tan dial and a chocolate brown leather strap. It fits comfortably on the wrist due to its supple strap. Its classic elements and visual appeal ensure that it can be worn with any kind of outfit.

Guess Silver Tone Women’s Chronograph Watch (W0323L1)

This is perfect for a career woman who has a great taste. This watch is available in a classy silver that renders it suitable for the office as well as for any special occasion, be it black tie or casual.

This chronograph has all the features you’d expect from Guess watches— it comes with sub-dials for 24-hour timekeeping, to showcase the days of the week, and it even has a dedicated sub-dial for seconds. The stainless steel construction ensures that this timepiece is both strong and durable.

Guess Viva Women’s Jewellery Watch (W0140L3)

This delightfully pretty watch from Guess’ “Dress” range is a stunner— few watches have such exquisite looks. When you wear it to a party, this piece of arm candy is guaranteed to capture the spotlight. This watch has an Art Deco-inspired rectangular white face with a gold dial and hands.

But its stunning exterior isn’t all you will marvel at. Made from strong brass, the strap is extremely hardy and durable, and the elegant craftsmanship ensures that it stays comfortably on your wrist, earning you appreciative as well as envious glances. Additionally, this gem also has an impressive water resistance rating of 10 atm, which makes it suitable for swimming and even snorkelling, should you ever feel the need!

Guess Oasis Men’s Watch (W0366G4)

This design showcases the expert use of colours to achieve a peerless and unique aesthete. If you like luxury watches, this one is tailor-made for you. The swanky timepiece boasts of a black dial with golden details. The strap is a statement by itself— midnight blue elements interwoven with brass to give the watch a truly one-of-a-kind feel.

Wearing the Oasis is a fashion statement in itself, and combined with the right dressing choices, can only add to your style quotient.

Guess Jet Setter Men’s Watch (W0608G1)

The name of the “Jet Setter” tells you all you need to know about this exquisite piece. This watch was conceptualised with a very specific customer in mind: the trendy businessman with impeccable taste. With a timeless design that is suitable for a variety of styles, this watch can be worn with both casual and formal ensembles.

The watch features a comfortable yet refined leather strap that enhances the subtle elegance of the piece. The dial is round and the device is water resistant up to 10 metres.

If you’re looking for a way to set yourself apart from the horde, these watches are an understated and often overlooked way to do so. Treat yourself or a loved one to one of these fantastic timepieces.

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M&S #Style Saturday

This blogpost is a reminiscence of the great time I had at Marks & Spencer #Style Saturday event. If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you would know that I was part of #StyleSaturday event conducted at Kormangala store along with Manvi, Ruhi and Prashant. Not only did I get to meet some amazing bloggers but also got opportunity to give style advice to some fabulous people. Had a great time interacting with M&S loyal customers, understanding their personal needs and styling them accordingly.

Top - C/o Marks & Spencer
Skirt - C/o Marks & Spencer
Necklace - ZARA
Bag - C/o
Heels - BATA(Bought it during sale for Rs.1299)

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Work Smart - Clark #Myshoedairies

I always have had a long lasting love affair with stilettos. When Clarks India sent me these lovely pair to style for Clarks Shoe diaries contest, I was pleasantly surprised. Thank you Clarks for these! They are so comfortable for office wear, I literally hop skip and jump to work now!

I love experimenting with my work wear. In India, we do not have the luxury to wear short suit. So I decided to pair three fourth formal pant and formal blazer. Right set of formals is chic enough for office and still playful enough for a night out. I am totally crushing on shades of yellow, beige and tan. Best way to get over color fetish is by pairing them together. I wanted to add an ultra feminine take to menswear which is feasible to wear to work. What do you think of the look? Would love to hear your comments.


Shoes - C/o Clarks India (Buy here)
Blazer - H&M
Top - Forever21
Bag - Old (Bought for Rs. 500 in some sale)
Necklace - Colaba Causeway
Sunglasses - C/o Firmoo
Watch - C/o Daniel Wellington

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