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Shoe Diaries with Clarks India

Hello Everyone! I have always been a self-confessed shoe-a-holic. When I was contacted by Clarks India to be part of their Shoe Diaries campaign, I just could not refuse. I always loved Clark shoes for their simplicity and comfort. For all those who do not know, Clarks has been making shoes since 1825. In short, Clarks has decades of experience in making comfortable shoes which are classic collector items for a women's wardrobe. Keeping in my mind my necessities and work schedule, I chose Amulet Myth shoe to style. Read on to find out, how I spend my day in Clarks shoes!

Usually my day starts with early morning blog meetings. I prefer my outfits to be smart casuals for the meetings. Therefore, I styled Clark shoes with Zara top, Van Heusen midi skirt and Zara blazer. I love the subtle mix of prints in the outfit, but I still felt it lacked a bit of color. Therefore, added color to the outfit with pink blazer and red handbag. Completed the look with a few bracelets, ring and Michael Kors watch.

Post blog meetings, I run (literally) to work to reach office on time. Since I am in client facing role, most of the time I am dressed in formals. I admit, it is literally impossible to run around in high heels every day. These shoes are a blessing! Stylish and comfortable for wearing to client meetings. I styled my Clark shoes with H&M Blazer, Sheinside lace top and Van Heusen skirt. I kept accessories to minimum and added a single ring. I love adding prints to all my outfits. Therefore, I completed the look with leopard scarf, statement sunglasses and watch. I usually prefer not to go out in the evening on weekdays. Post work, I come home and start working on blog. Every morning the cycle starts again.

Weekends are always more hectic than weekdays. Therefore, I start every Saturday morning going out for brunch to gear up. My go to outfits for weekends has always been Maxi's. I absolutely love this maxi, the feminine pink and the goth print makes it very versatile to style according to your mood swings. Channeling the rock girl in me, I styled the maxi with leather jacket and mirrored sunglasses. My Clarks shoes perfectly compliment the look. Though most people would not think about wearing ballad flats with and leather jackets, it adds the required feminine touch to keep the outfit from looking over the top.

Hope you enjoyed reading through, do let me know what you think of the styling and Share your shoe diaries with me on Twitter!


Skirt - Van Heusen (Old)
Top - ZARA India (Sale buy, paid Rs. 1200)
Shoes - C/o Clarks India (Buy here)
Watch - Michael Kors
Blazer - Zara India (Sale buy, paid Rs.2000)
Jewelry - Stilettos Diary Shop
Sunglasses - C/o (Buy here)
Bag - Stilettos Diary Shop (Old)


Skirt - Van Heusen (Old)
Top - C/o Sheinside (Buy here)
Shoes - C/o Clarks India (Buy here)
Watch - Michael Kors
Blazer - H&M Malaysia
Jewelry - Stilettos Diary Shop
Sunglasses - C/o (Buy here)
Bag - C/o (Buy here)
Scarf - C/o (Buy here)


Maxi - C/o (Buy here)
Leather Jacket - C/o Sheinside (Buy here)
Shoes - C/o Clarks India (Buy here)
Watch - Michael Kors
Sunglasses - C/o (Buy here)
Bag - C/o (Buy here)

Photos thanks to Prajwala Jayaram.

Loads of love,



Who am I?

There is a saying that there is a rebel lying deep in every soul. How much of the rebel comes out, is the key to define who you are. I have always been labelled as the "Girl in the Skirt" who is just loves fashion and is self-indulgent. This blogpost is about defining who I am and what I stand for.

News flash to all the people who judged me this is for you :

"Just because I wear a skirt does not mean I am self-indulgent #BUTT OUT"
"Just because I wear a skirt does not mean I am bimbo #BUTT OUT"
"Just because I wear a skirt does not mean I am disgrace to my culture #BUTTOUT"
"Just because I wear a skirt does not mean I am too modern #BUTTOUT"
This is for all the Men out there - "Just because I wear a skirt does not mean I am easily available #BUTT OUT"
"Just because I wear a skirt does not mean my opinions don't matter #BUTT OUT"
"Just because I blog does not mean I am not good at my day job #BUTT OUT"
"Just because I blog does not mean I am jobless #BUTT OUT"
Lastly, "Just because I wear red lipstick does not mean I am slut #BUTT OUT"

God gave us all a face, but gave us an option to define it. So ultimately Who am I? I am Jealous 21 girl who is confident, independent, opinionated and smart. I define the rules of my life and live accordingly. No skirt nor any culture defines me. A girl who always has and will always stand up and fight for her dignity, freedom and ambitions. A girl who defines a trail and leaves behind a legacy. So rest of the world "BUTT OUT"

Thank you for being part of my blog journey which has given me three amazing years.

Don't forget to check out Jealous 21 #BUTT OUT Campaign. Read here and here

Photos thanks to my amazing sister Prajwala Jayaram.

Loads of love,



Happy Dussehra

Hi Everyone! Wish you all a very happy Dussehra. Today celebrates the conquest of Lord Rama over the demon king Ravana. Today marks the end of nine days long Navratri celebrations. I absolutely enjoyed the last few days celebrating with family and friends, hogging amazing food and of course thrift shopping during festival discount sales!

It has been a fun filled week. Few days back visited a friend's place where I got to see beautiful Dussehra dolls decorated at home. Two days ago, we had Navratri celebrations at office. Yesterday went to beautiful Mysore to see exhibition and Mysore palace. The view of Mysore palace at night was just breathtaking! Can't wait to catch the Dussehra parade tomorrow.

The best part about Indian festivals is shopping! My sister and I love getting ready in ethnic wear. We usually keep stalking online websites for festival discounts. There are few great sites such as CupoNation were you get discounts coupons for just about everything! Myntra is one of my favorite shop to pick up ethnic wear. Thanks to cuponation Myntra coupons I managed to pick up some amazing silk sarees for Navratri at pocket friendly prices.

I hope you liked my outfit for the festival! Today marks victory of good over evil. May this Dussehra burn all your worries with Ravana and bring loads of happiness and full fill all your dreams. Happy Dussehra again!

P.S. My Rosy Cheeks thanks to LO'real Paris Lucent Magique Blush. The first of a kind trio blush for gorgeous lustrous skin. The blush adds a luminous sheen to your sun-kissed skin with a soft & feathery touch!



Loot your discounts with Shop Pirate

I came across a very interesting couponing website other day. Never have I seen a coupon site with an interesting web layout. Alas! Shop Pirate is an amazing couponing website which lets you loot discounts! I am constantly searching for coupons to get better deals on branded products until today I had never found any website which made couponing a fun activity like Shop pirate has! I am impressed with the attention to detail and innovative way to make couponing fun!

I really like the idea of calling deals the "Black Pearls". The website reminded me of Pirates of Caribbean and Once Upon a Time (I am a huge Captain Hook fan!)

You can also become a Top Pirate on the website. All you have to do is just find deals and coupons and share them with the rest of the group on Shop Pirate. You are also required to share your experience on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+), to be at the top of pirate list. With each and every share you will be rewarded with coins and other bounty to mark your presence on the crew. Share more to get a chance to loot more bounty and discounts!

You can also find plethora of beauty and wellness coupons at Shop Pirate. I am really glad the website has aseparate section for wellness product. Considering the fact it is considered a taboo to talk about it in India, it is great to see websites not shying away. Don't forget to check out Shop Pirate Coupons , your one stop Pirate pit shop to loot discount coupons!



Khoobsurat Moment with L'Oréal Paris

I had amazing fun collaborating with L'Oréal Paris for the past one month. Alas! Everything good comes to an end. Sharing the last time my Khoobsurat moment in association with L'Oréal Paris. These photos were taken last week when I gifted my mom a car (Glimpses of it in the photos) for her birthday! By far has been the most Khoobsurat moment was seeing her super happy and surprised. I kept my outfit simple for the occasion, wearing black maxi skirt with tank top and denim vest. Completed the outfit with statement sunglasses, arm candy and of course my new obsession Michael Kors watch. My personal favorite part of the outfit is my new awesome colored hair. The Casting Creme Gloss shade adds dimension to my hair and makes it vibrant and fun. The best part and contrary to popular belief - I was able to get professionally colored hair at home in 20 minutes!

Thank you everyone for all the amazing entries for L'Oréal Paris contests! The winners of are as follows:

1. Facebook/ Instagram Contest Winner is Saachi Garg
2. Twitter Contest Winner is Mahek
3. Trend Sourcing Contest is Shilpa Bindlish

Congrats ! All winners chosen by L'Oréal Paris and Stilettos diary are final! Please drop an email to within next 48 hours to claim your hampers.

P.S Do try some of the hottest hair trend ideas on my coloured hair at Get The Look.
P.P. S Photos thanks to my cousin sister Prajwala Jayaram.


Tank top - C/o (Buy here)
Maxi Skirt - Borrowed from friend. Similar available at (Buy here)
Denim Vest - C/o Oasap
Bracelets - C/o (Buy here)
Sunglasses - C/o Vero Moda India
Belt - Gift (Similar available at Buy here)
Heels - Steve Madden India (Old)
Bag - Tibetan Plaza (Bought it for Rs. 700)
Watch - Michael Kors India

Loads of Love,