vintage blur...

                                                                Photography by Shreyas. M , Edited & Copyright of Vignesh R

Hello Everyone! This is my first blog and my first look. The look is called as Vintage Blur.. The skirt which I picked up from the vintage store is the inspiration for this look.

I love the skirt , its simple and elegant. I paired it up with basic white tee. To add little twist i wore my zara jacket differently (off shoulder ) to make it look like a top.

I added the brown belt (must have in any girl's wardrobe) .  For color I wore my favorite red stiletto from Van heusen. Finished the look with a beautiful vintage chain from my mom's collection.

Well , little more about my red stiletto . It is the inspiration behind my blog layout. I have made a poll .Please vote and let me know what you think about the blog layout and design.

I would really like to thank Vignesh R for his valuable time and effort in making my photos look good :) .I just love the vintage feel he has added to all the pics.

I would also like to thank Sriram Chandrasekhar for the initial layout of the blog and for coming up with the website name.

Came across this article when I logged into my Stylepile.com account. Polka dots are the new trend right now. Please click on the URL to read the blog.



  1. loved ur look Megha!!! and awesome photography!!
    looking forward for more such interesting looks!!! :) :)

  2. thank u so much nandita :) Please add your email to subscribe to my blog. Please do check out page
    Stilettos Diary on fb :)

  3. darling I relly love your skirt.
    Great outfit kisses


  4. Megha.. I liked ur skirt. Pretty !!!

  5. i want to be your photographer!

  6. thanks jo :) :) and sriram sure.. cme 2 india.. :P

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Very nice and informative blog i have now decided to read each blog post of yours right from the inception of this the blog


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