Wardrobe Wednesday

Every week I will put up a look which looks very fashionable but the truth being they are clothes got during sales or clothes which dint burn my pockets !! So in short million dollar looks which does not burn your pockets.

I personally feel that brands don't define style but its the way you carry of your 100 Rs skirt or 10,000 Rs skirt. Style is about reflecting your personality.The clothes I wear on wardrobe wednesday are not branded but nevertheless very chic and elegant.

I got the dress from Chemistry during end of season sale. It just costed me 399rs. I got the jacket from a shop in Cunningham road called cold rust. They have an excellent collection of jackets. The jacket costed me 900Rs.

The bag I picked up from linking road in Mumbai. I love linking road in Mumbai amazing stuff at good prices if you know how to bargain. It costed me around 350 Rs. Guess what!! I found the same bag in Reliance trendz for whopping 1400 rs. (rip off!!!)

I picked up the shoes from bata during 70 % off sale. It costed me around 500 Rs. Great find and value for money I spent on it.

Please let me know what you think about the wardrobe Wednesday concept. Leave a comment and voice your opinion.

Sorry the pics are not great.I  took it from my phone. Better photos from next post.

Loads of love


  1. Good idea Megha!! We can have great style in a small budget too :) All that is required is a mind set and a little time to search and do a little of mix and match to get the georgeous look. I wish "Wardrobe Wednesday " all the success !!!

  2. thank u anita for the lovely comment :) :) yup :)

  3. Hey aweeesome, with the cool budget and the lovely clothes. I loved the trench coat sort of thing. And the belt made it look so chic, seems you've just begun your blogging endeavor :)

    Will be back here soon.

    <3 the style.


  4. hey sonshu yup just started.. i have been putting up pics in fashion freax, enstyle and was communicating with bloggers. Finally decided to start my blog. Thank u so much :)

  5. Hey Megha....a very nice and different concept u have brought forward... Wish u the best girl!!!

  6. i love your style!!
    esp ur shoes... :)


  7. thank you :) checking your blog out. :) do like the fbpage for future updates :)


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