The girl in the Red Coat

Its going to be Wednesday in 2 hours. I have loads of work tomorrow so I am posting the new look and Wardrobe Wednesday now.

I was waiting so eagerly to show you guys the new photos.

It was extremely windy , I tried my best to tame to my hair.

Well firstly I hope you guys like the new location . Many of my friends suggested that I should explore beyond the premises of my backyard :) (he he.. advice taken ). Therefore, I went to my most favorite place in Bangalore - Sankey. After asking permission we (Vignesh and I ) got the entire Sankey for our self to take these amazing photos.(What more can I ask for ? )

The inspiration of my new outfit was the red jacket I picked up in Malleswaram. I love the color red and it goes perfectly with my red high heels. Well you guys will understand my obsession for color red as time progresses. Red is a symbol of elegance and perfect to add color to any outfit. So next time you guys see a red jacket , red shoes , red scarf , red skirt , red shirt ... don't be afraid to pick it up.

You guys must be wondering that the jacket costed me a bomb! Well , the answer is no. It costed me around 400Rs. (Very happy with my bargaining abilities ).

I picked up the white shirt from Sigma Mall , Cunningham road for 399 Rs (shop? will tell you soon.. ). I matched the red jacket with red heels which I got during 50 % sale for 800 Rs from Commercial Street. I am wearing chain from tribal art. Picked it up from Shoppers stop for 400 Rs.

I completed the new look with my snakeskin bag. I will tell you guys very soon were I picked it up from . I got a very good deal on that bag. More about it in my later posts.

Hope all of you liked my new look. Do let me know what you guys think. Waiting for all your feed backs on my new look and new location.

Loads of love,

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