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The blogger who I am featuring this week is fashion blogger from Hyderabad, India. A deep thinker and a big dreamer. Calm, determined and practical, above all... life-lover!

It was a cup of coffee and a spark of madness that inspired her to create a blog, just like a cup of strong espresso, her blog is full of stimulating, strong, rich posts as well as fun filled, humorous, lazy posts like a yummy frappe.

Who is she?? Read on to find out :)

Her name is Chandana. Her blog reflects her personality. I love her work , so thought you guys should also know about her.

This is what she had to say..

1. Tell us more about yourself. (apart from blogging what do you do? )
I am an entrepreneur.. rather am trying to learn the ropes of entrepreneurship! Being a hot-shot business-woman in a crisp suit and high heels, with everyone at my beck and call (kidding :P) was always a dream.. and here I am trying to make it come true :) Work takes up the majority of my time but apart from that, I am a blogger, an artist and an avid reader. Travelling is another thing that I love, I can never get enough of it. As long as I am on the move I am happy :)

2. When did you discover your sense of style?
I discovered my style in college to some extent. Because of restrictions like dress-codes, I couldn't experiment much. It was only after I finished college that I had full freedom - no dress codes + financial independence to buy whatever I want. So that's when I went crazy!

3. When and how did you start your fashion blog?
I started blogging in 2010 simply because I was bored. I dint know what fashion blogging was until I stumbled upon a few blogs. Until then I used to write about my life and everyday stuff.. but after discovering fashion blogs there was no looking back! I fell head over heels in love with the concept and here I am now!

4.how did you come up with your blog name??
My blog is a mix of fashion related and personal stuff. So I wanted a name that would somehow combine the two and describe me as a whole. 'First avenue' is the street where I stay and I have a lot of memories here… childhood memories, great times with friends, falling in love, getting to know myself, family get-togethers, growing up - every significant event has happened here. I have changed a lot but no matter where I end up living a part of me will always belong to 'the girl at first avenue'. So it seemed like the perfect name for my blog :)
p.s- My blog was originally called 'A cup of coffee and a spark of madness'. You can read more in the 'About' section on my blog.

5. Favourite picks from your wardrobe.
My grey skinnies (they go with any and every size, shape and color of top)
All of my blazers and cardigans (without them my outfits become so bleh)
My white mid length skirt (I must have worn this in ten different ways and it still has potential)
My little denim dress (again.. a very versatile piece)
My SHOES! (Need i say more? :D)

6. If I were to ransack your bag what would I find?
My wallet with money and cards
A pink makeup pouch with all the girly essentials
Hand sanitizer, perfume/deo
ipod, car keys, a novel,
spare earrings and bracelets (i always have these.. i don't know why!)
Two pairs of sun-glasses
And some other random papers, receipts and stuff!

7. According to you, Must have this winter season
A turtle-neck sweater in any color - they keep you warm, show off all your curves and can be styled in many ways
Colored tights or colored jeans
Woolen scarves - these are a perfect alternative to heavy woolen coats, for winters in cities in india where it is not severely cold.. It keeps you sufficiently warm and at the same time adds some zing to your outfits!
Boots (obviously)
Collared necklaces - I am loving this trend right now!

8. Your style mantra.
Be comfortable and keep it simple!

9.Would you like to add anything else apart from those questions to all ur friends who follow your blog and support you?
A huge thank you and a warm hug to everyone who follows my blog! :D Even to all those silent readers who read but don't comment!

I really loved all your replies Chandana and the fact that your blog name reflects your childhood memories and experiences. I feel you are a dreamer, visionary and an inspiration. :) 

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Loads of love,


  1. Chandana's fashion sense rocks! i love visiting the Girl At First Avenue!

    Adithis Amma Sews

  2. She is gorgeous, I love all of these outfits, especially the first <3

  3. @adithi @ lidiya thank you for your wonderful comments. please do let me know what ou think about my blog too :)

  4. Lovely outfits! Your blog is so nice! Would you like to follow each other?

    Out Of The Box

  5. Thank you for your comment! Of course I follow you! Please follow me back!

    Out Of The Box


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