Urban Jungle.

Hello Everyone.

Happy Wednesday :).

This week inspiration is animal prints. I tried to combine leopard and zebra print. Combining different prints is the new trend seen on the ramp as well as on the streets.

I am wearing a blue denim mustang skirt which I bought during 50% sale in lifestyle for 700 Rs. (Trend I have noticed, the shorter the skirt the more expensive it is! :P )

I combined the denim jeans with white shirt and leather vest I got from Priceless shop, Cunningham road. The shirt cost me 299 Rs and the leather vest cost me 199 Rs (oh yes very good bargain!)

I gave finishing touch to the outfit with leopard print shawl, zebra print metro shoes and metallic chain from Aiva. The leopard print shawl was a gift. I picked up the zebra print shoe from metro. It was love at first sight. I got the shoe for 700 Rs during 40% sale in Metro, Mantri mall.The black hat I got during my shopping spree in Pondicherry for 70 Rs( the shopkeeper quoted 170 Rs, I bargained the price to 70 Rs.)

Ever since I started working I always wanted to buy Hidesign bag (Everyone has a wish list, the zillion things one wants to buy from ones first salary). Finally after two years I managed to make that dream happen. I got a very good price on the bag as I picked it up from factory outlet in Pondicherry plus got a 500 Rs coupon. I would call my bag an investment :)

Please let me know what you guys think about the new look, the location. Vignesh and I had a blast during the photo shoot. We dint bother about the people around us staring.

As I said everyone has a wish list of things they wanted to buy or want to buy after they start earning. Guys do let me know what your wish list is :)

Have a great week :)

Loads of love,

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