The Yellow Mustard.

Hello Everyone.

Wardrobe Wednesday is out. This week's inspiration is the mustard top (finally colors on my blog ).

Firstly you guys must be wondering why the title of my new post is "The Yellow Mustard". Isn’t mustard yellow? Well, true but this look is named after a poem by Huxley. The mood and setting of the look is very poetic just like her poem “The Yellow Mustard”.

The shadowy mustard fields which are concealed by low clouds and entombed by "Grey mountain-heaps of slag and stone" when the clouds open and a "conquering ray" reveals the pure chrome yellow of the glittering mustard field:
And touched, transfiguringly bright
In that dull plain, one luminous field;
And there the miracle of light
Lay goldenly revealed.

I love these beautiful lines. The first set of photos reveals the conquering ray, leaving a luminous me :) in a dull endless road.

Okay enough of poetry. As I said the inspiration was the mustard top. I paired with my olive green skirt which I bought from Max Store (long time ago) for 500 Rs.

I added color to the outfit with vibrant accessories like red tribal art chain (flea market, 8th cross Malleswaram) , Red metallic earrings (commercial street),wooden bangles and patch work clutch( bought from Wayanand). The entire set of accessories cost me 250 Rs and the bag cost 150 Rs.

I completed the look with pair of green sandals picked from Mumbai during 70% sale and vibrant metallic blue eye liner from Revlon. I paid 599 Rs for the sandals.

We took the photos in three different locations this time. One of them is the beautiful park with lush green grass surrounded by the purplish pink flowers (last photo). Adds a very poetic touch to the photo and is my favourite photo.

Do let me know what you guys think about my new outfit and the different locations. I will be waiting for all your lovely comments.

Loads of Love,


  1. great look mustard is the color of autumn... good combination....

  2. Love it..... I want the neck piece you are wearing... I am gonna flick it :) absolutely brilliant!!!

  3. I was so looking forward to Wednesday after seeing yesterday's sneak peak and it didn't disappoint one bit...awesome pics:)...

  4. @marni thank you so much :)
    @shilpa thks a lot. paid 100bucks 4 the chain.
    @sriram <3 <3 thks :)
    @andwhatelseisthere okay will check it.
    @opal thank you so much :) that comment made my day :)

  5. great color top on you!!


  6. @megan thank you so much :)
    alexa thanks a lot :) :) :)

  7. great inspiration! love the first pic!
    you look gorgeous!
    thanks for sharing!

    if you like we can follow each other on bloglovin :)
    let me know!

  8. I love your mustard top, the colour of it really suits you and goes so well with the skirt =) Very pretty photos too!

  9. @jen thank u:) left a comment on ur blog :)
    @sian thank u so much :) the credit for the photos goes to my friend vignesh :)

  10. So love the way you have put everything together.. the footwear however could have been better! Think pumps would have lifted the whole look much more than the green sandals..

    1. pumps would look very weird on this outfit.. thank u

    2. Try it.. they will surely look better than the green sandals you have here..


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