Blogger Watch Saturday

Hello Everyone.

I have a hectic weekend ahead. I have eye infection :(. So thought I shall finish up with blogger watch post before my eye pain becomes worse.

Time for another Blogger watch. This month blogger to be featured is Kassi of Closet Intervention.

This is what she had to say...

1. Tell us more about yourself (apart from blogging what do you do?).

Well, I am a financial advisor by occupation - meaning I invest people's money. Eventually (a few years down the road) I would like to open my own clothing/accessory boutique. I've been married over 8 years to an awesome man and we have a dog named Kylie.

2 .What is your style mantra?

Whatever you wear, wear it confidently. There is nothing more alluring than confidence. Also, wear pieces that make you happy. Don't wear something just because everyone else is wearing it - what fun is that?

3.When did you discover your sense of style ?

I think I discover something new about my style everyday to be honest, but I didn't start caring about clothing until college. College is when I really got into developing a unique personal style.

4. I love your style, truly an inspiration.. your shopping hubs are???

Anywhere inexpensive. I am a total cheapskate. I love Forever 21, H&M, Charlotte Russe, Express, Macy's, the Goodwill and any other thrift/consignment stores. I love a good bargain.

5. Your fashion icon.

Oooh this one is tough. Currently I am loving Emma Stone, Rachel Bilson, Anne Hathaway, Clemence Poesy and Emma Watson.

6. If I were to ransack your bag what would I find?
Keys, a cell phone, Dr. Pepper chapstick (the old standby), some touch up makeup, my python Steve Madden wallet, a pen and some Doublemint gum.

7. Favorite picks from your wardrobe.
I couldn't begin to pick specific items but the types of things I currently couldn't live without are: blazers, leggings, mini-dresses, boots
and statement necklaces..

8. If you had a wish which celeb , fashion stylist would you want to be?

Rachel Zoe. Oh the Chanel, I die.

9. According to you , must have this season?

Statement Jewelry. The most ordinary thing can be made into something extraordinary with the right jewelry.

10. Lastly , Would you like to add anything else apart from those questions to all ur friends who follow your blog and support you?

There is so much I could say. I am extremely humbled and thankful for all of the people who take the time to read my blog. I started this blog not knowing if anyone would read it so I feel blessed by the number of people who read and comment on it. The comments make me positively giddy.

Kaasi All I have to say is you have great style and truly an inspiration. Check out Kassi's blog.


If you want to be featured next on blogger watch.

1. Follow my blog (Like my facebook page.)

2. Just leave a comment with your blog url and if you are interested. I shall connect soon.

I added a new feature called my LOOKBOOK. All my looks complied in one page. Check it out and let me know what you guys think.

See you soon with Sneak peek of Wardrobe Wednesday.

Loads of love,

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