Pastel Haze.

Hello Everyone.

Time for Wardrobe Wednesday. This week's inspiration is Pastel color.

I am wearing :
Dress : Bangkok (gift)
Beige Jacket : Coldust Collexns.
Belt :Courtesy of Osasp [ BUY HERE ]
Bag : Courtesy of Oasap [ BUY HERE ]
Studded Heels : Marie Claire [ Bought for 574 Rs during 70% sale in BATA]
Aviators: Fastrack
Makeup : Maybelline and M.A.C
Watch: Fastrack
Pearl Jewellery : Vintage

************* Style tips while wearing pastel colors **************

1. The most essential thing is choosing the right color combination.Never pair pastels with black except of white and ivory. Forget about bright colors to compliment your chic cashmere garments otherwise you'll look silly. Keep in mind that grey will always look better than black. I have tried timeless combination beige and light blue (notice that these two colors are cool so its important to get the color combination right).

2.Opt for chic modern jewelry. This will make a wonderful contrast especially if your outfit consists of fairy-like colors. Better choose chic pearl studs and tiny pieces instead of bold pearl jewelry like I have.

3.Go for a bold Satchel Bag like the one from Oasap [ BUY HERE ]. The matching La Belle Bag underplays the outfit. Its important to wear a contrasting bag.

4.Pale fishnets may do wonders paired with a yellow dress or the opposite--beige dress with pale yellow fishnets.Avoid plain baby pink tights.

5. You can also pair with Aviators to break the feminine outfit and studded heels.I picked the studded beige heels from BATA for 564 Rs during 70% sale.

Check out these articles, it will help you give better ideas how to color block pastels. I have added few tips from Elina Goskina article and few personal style tips in the above post.



Hope these tips will help you in styling pastels better. If you have any query while styling pastels drop me an email megha8709@gmail.com or leave a comment here.

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