Neon Punk.

Hello Everyone.

This week's inspiration is a combination of Neon, Punk and color block.

I am wearing :

Zebra Effect Fishnet Stocking Courtesy Oasap [ BUY HERE!!! ]

Studded Red Leather Jacket - Forever 21 (Gift)
Neon Pink Layered dress - Thrifted from Brigade Road for 500 Rs.
Heels - Trendz (Old as seen in lot of my posts. Yes it's my favourite heels got it during 50% sale for 800 Rs.)
Accessories : Skull ringed clutch - Stilettos Diary (ON SALE!!)
Rhinestone skull ring - Stilettos Diary (ON SALE!!)
Spike Ring - Stilettos Diary (ON SALE!!)
Skull Ring - Stilettos Diary (ON SALE!!)
Nail Ring - Stilettos Diary (ON SALE!!)
Green aviators: Fastrack (old as seen in many of my old posts.)

I am n love with these stockings from Oasap [ BUY HERE!!]. The herringbone zebra effect just adds an amazing punk edge to my outfit.

Well we all know the biggest trend right now is neon. Well I thought to add a personal twist. I decided to combine neon with punk style. The common misconception about punk style is it involves shaving your head and wearing a Ramones tee pierced together by safety pins.There are many smart, sophisticated ways to add some punk patina to your everyday wardrobe.

1. The Motorcycle Jacket : The beauty and brilliance of the motorcycle jacket is that it can work just as well over a T-shirt and jeans as it does over a sundress, ruffled party dress or monochromatic neon tank. Definitely adds the punk look required. The studded red leather jacket perfectly complements the neon dress.

2. Studs and Accessories : Simple equation studs = punk! Don't be afraid to add accessories. Rings / Nail ring, zipper details on heels and studded/skulled handbags add grit and intrigue to a look. Stockings like zebra effect fishnet socks from Oasap [ BUY HERE!!!] also adds to the punk look.

3. Skinny Jeans, Black Leather Skirt and Ankle Boots : Leather pencil skirt is another way of adding punk. Mini leather skirt as well as skinny jeans. A rugged, adorned ankle boot in black is modern twist to combat boots adds to the punk appeal. Whatever you do, ditch the safe pumps for either a chunky motorcycle heel or a sky-high stiletto.

4. Makeup : Finish your look with heavily lined eyes and a pale lip and neon nails. I choose to wear pale pink shade maybelline lipstick, cobalt blue eyeliner (Revlon) and Blue nail paint (Perfect contrast to the outfit).

Don't be afraid to experiment with punk style. If anyone interested in buying the accessories please drop me an email.

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P.S. Few notes from unitedstyle.

For any queries on styling please feel free to contact me via Facebook, Twitter or drop me an email - stilettosdiary@gmail.com or leave a comment here :)

Loads of love,

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