Stilettos Diary presents Lotus Mendes "Magical Jewels".

Hello Everyone.
You all know about the current giveaway happening. Today I would like to official introduce Lotus Mendes Jewels and the lovely Victoria Cheatham.

Victoria Cheatham self taught jewelry designer is the creative genius behind Lotus Mendes. Her collection is an eclectic fusion of rawness, anarchy, opposites, symbolic messages and a mixture of new generation and tradition. I got to know Victoria up close and personal. This is what she had to say...

1. Where did you start selling your jewelry? What was the response like?

I have been creating and designing precious jewels for over 12 years for myself and for friends. It all started as I never wanted to be seen in the same piece as anyone else. I wanted and craved uniqueness and individualism so I would sit in my studio for hours creating and designing. As I created more and more pieces I knew it was time I started to actually make money from what I did so I started to sell my jewelry at Bondi Markets about 5 years ago. The response to my pieces was always different – some people loved what I did and some people did not get it – but for me to create jewelry it was like there was a force that was inside if me that I could not stop. It was about making women feel and look amazing – that if they understood the magical element of jewelry they would understand the power it could unleash within them. I use my body as a blank canvas and my jewelry is like my oil paint, each day I paint a different picture using my jewels.

2. What makes your artistic style different?

My style all comes from within. My style personifies my emotions and my feelings. Every piece I create has a meaning which I pass on to the wearer. My style is more about portraying a message to the wearer about understanding life itself and how adorning yourself with precious jewelry it can have such a positive effect on your own being. I believe that jewelry is magical and I create pieces that “speak without saying a word”.

3.What’s your favourite thing you have created so far?

That would have to the Powerful Goddess Ring. I have now released it in 14 colours and this is just the beginning. My plan is to have every shade of colour in the whole world within 5 years so if you are searching for a colour for your outfit and you cannot find it anywhere you will definitely be able to find it at Lotus Mendes.

4.What motivates you to do what you do?

I have an amazing support system around me which helps incredibly, but Its like I have a force inside of me that just makes me create and design. I have no choice really as I am creating even when I sleep. There is this underlying force and want to be able to make every woman feel powerful, strong, beautiful and believe she can do anything she wants that ultimately motivates me the most. To know I have had a positive effect on someone is the reason I create. It’s the best feeling ever and really gives me a purpose.

5.What are your greatest inspirations?

Life! Life is the greatest inspiration of all. Being alive, having a wonderful husband and family and knowing I can make a difference through my creativity. Everyday I am inspired by what I see, feel and believe. Through these emotions I then create pieces that mirror what I feel, believe and want to teach.

6.What projects are you currently working on?

I am now working on my next range which is so exciting! I just can’t wait to see my samples! I visualize them everyday. This is the best part when you really visualize a design then see it come to fruition is an amazing feeling! There are also a number of other projects going on but don’t want to say too much!

Firstly I should say those Goddess rings are a must have in your wardrobe. Her first collection I saw imprints from skulls, hearts, stars, angels, frogs and warrior swords to Egyptian influences of Queen Nefertiti, King Tutankhamen and vultures. I was mesmerized by Victoria's creativity. Something that caught my attention is each of her jewels have a symbolic message. The star ring symbolizes the 5 acts of Lotus Mendes with its five ray points and has a message for its wearer to “Reach For The Stars”, other symbolic pieces include the Warrior Sword Earrings with “Unleash The Warrior Within”, a chess piece ring with “Every Move Counts” and a love heart ring with “It’s All About The Love” inscribed on the shank. These symbolic images will always be present in each Lotus Mendes collection, as their meanings have created the foundations of the label, where her pieces can “speak without saying a word.”

I can't wait for her next collection! Here's a sneak peek of her upcoming collection.

You can win Lotus Mendes Goddess rings. Click on the image to participate!

Check out Lotus Mendes for more of her collection : http://lotusmendes.com/

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