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Hello Everyone.

It's time for Wardrobe Wednesday. I feel its been ages since I did an outfit post but nevertheless finally I present you Wardrobe Wednesday! This week's inspiration is timeless classic look (Coco Chanel)and I shall discuss few key items that are essential to maintain a Classic wardrobe.

Photos are courtesy of my little sister - Prajwala Jayram. Editing - Muralidhara Nidwannaya.

I am wearing:

Vintage zipped block heel ankle boot courtesy Oasap [BUY HERE!!]

Black Lace dress - Lifestyle (Splash Collections)
Fur Jacket - Lifestyle (Splash Collections)
Leather driving gloves.
Bag - Stilettos Diary Shop [ BUY HERE!!]
Sunglasses - Stilettos Diary Shop. [ BUY HERE!!]

There are times when I inspired to mix different styles to create a CLASSIC LOOK. This look is inspired by Coco Chanel's impeccable style and also Of late I am seeing lot of my favorite bloggers adding a lightweight fur vest to your everyday summer wardrobe (a little bit of fall in summer). I decided to pair my versatile lace LBD and fur vest. I would like to call this look as Coco Chanel meets modern contemporary women! I completed my look with bold sunglasses, ankle length boots, handbag and driving gloves. I recently picked up Ankle boots from Oasap [BUY HERE!!]. It is a worthy investment because in a matter of days I have worn it atleast 7-8 times to restyle the outfit from edgy to sophisticated look.

Have you ever thought of your well fitted driving gloves as a fashion statement? Well I think you should. It completes the look to create a stunning classic look. It's my new fixation. I literally have been adding gloves and Oasap Vintage boots [BUY HERE!!] to most of my outfit's of late.

Well as I said I shall be discussing about a Classic Wardrobes. Classic wardrobes are in fashion no matter what the current trends are. In order to build a classic wardrobe, you need to stock up on timeless pieces in flattering fits, shapes, and colors. You can build on these basics by layering them with modern, trendy garments, or you can mix-and-match them with other timeless classics. Few items I feel which are a must haves:

1. Ankle Length Boots : I love the Vintage ankle length boots I picked up from Oasap [BUY HERE!!]. You can pair it up with denim jeans, skirts and dresses. The heel height is perfect and very comfortable. It adds the required sophisticated touch to complete any look and can be restyled to suit your needs.

2. LBD : Well LBD is such a life saver. I have restyled this dress so many ways till today. Invest on a good LBD which can be worn as party wear, causal dress , skirt. The options are limitless.

3. White, fitted button-down shirt, cardigan sweater, pencil skirt, blazer (choose one that matches the color and style of either your pencil skirt or dress pants),flattering jeans (look for a timeless dark-wash denim and a classic style, such as boot cut or straight leg) and a stock of fitted, short-sleeve or long sleeve t-shirts and shirts.

4. Beautiful Handbag: Without right handbag the whole look can be ruined. Invest in a good handbag preferably in neutral shade of black, tan or brown which goes with pants, pencil skirt, dresses.

5. Accessories: Accessories that never go out of style is a must. Classic stones like diamonds and pearls,basic pendant necklace, nice tennis bracelet, chunky rings and statement neckpieces. Lean heavier on the metal that suits your skin tone best.

6. Check the fit: Always choose clothing that fits your body properly. Ill-fitted pieces will ruin your style from looking classic, regardless of the pieces you have in your wardrobe.

7. Stock up on neutral colors : Think black, gray, tan, dark brown, white, and cream. Neutral colors are the most versatile. You can always mix seasonal color with your neutrals to create interesting color blocks.

Hope these tips help you in attaining the Classic wardrobe. I wore this outfit for a Upper Manhattan themed brunch. You can easily convert this into an everyday outfit by removing the fur vest. You can keep the gloves to add the sophisticated look.

Hope you guys liked the new post. I shall be waiting for all your comments. We tried indoor shoot as well as black and white photos. Suits the theme of classic (don't you think so?? )

Stilettos Diary blog is undergoing a lot of changes. I shall keep you posted with all the new changes that will be happening in few weeks' time :).

P.S. I would love to thank my sister for donning the photographer role and new member of Stilettos Diary Muralidhara Nidwannaya. I shall be official introducing him in the next post.

Check out how I have styled the same lace dress differently (click on the links to read more.. )- Military and Lace, All over lace

Always remember this quote : “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.” ― Coco Chanel

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Fastrack Store Launch.

I am wearing

Romeo and Juliet Couture courtesy Qvendo.com (Check out post wearing this same dress click here !!)
Belt - Lifestyle
Heels - Catwalk

On May 11th 2012 Fastrack launched its exclusive store in Bangalore at Jayanagar. All Fastrack stores in Bangalore are located in youth hubs of the city and make it perfect youth fashion destinations. Renowned Kannada actor, Prem Kumar inaugurated the store in the city today.

Vignesh and I were invited for this lovely occasion. I got an opportunity to connect with Mr Ronnie - Business Head and the beautiful, vivacious Simeran bhasin, marketing head of Fastrack. I did learn a lot about my favorite sunglasses brand and there plans to diversify into many areas to tap the potential youth market.

This is what Simeran Bhasin, Marketing Head, Fastrack had to say during the occasion, “The exclusive Fastrack stores are an extension of our brand which not only reflects on our growth as a brand but also caters to every need of today’s youth under one roof. Since the launch of our 100th store earlier in the year, we are steadily growing and are spread over close to 20 states and 50 cities/towns in India. By the end of the next financial year you will see all these figures grow exponentially.”

The reason I love Fastrack brand is because it is young, funky and fresh with a wide range of options which I feel is not available with any other brand I have come across till today. Few of my favorite picks from this season's Fastrack collections are the yellow aviators (my love affair with aviators continues... ) and the cat eye sunglasses with a quirky twist (go to the nearest Fastrack store to check out what the twist is :D). A fun filled evening and I had a great time meeting new people and making some great friends.

P.S. May I present you the the genius behind all the amazing photographs : Vignesh Ravichandran

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Kimora - Qvendo Outfit.

Hello everyone.

It’s time for Wardrobe Wednesday. We all know florals are a rage this season. Well in Miranda Presley's sarcastic tone (reference to Devil wears Prada) "Floral for summer, ground breaking! ". True floral and summer are synonyms. We have seen floral pants, skirts, rompers. I thought I will add my personal quirky twist to floral trend "A Kimono inspired summer dress" from Qvendo.com.

I am wearing :

Kimono inspired floral dress - courtesy Qvendo.com

Pumps - Marks and Spencer
Rings - Stilettos Diary Shop
Chain - pepperfry.com (got it during 50% sale for a very good bargain)
Bag - from Thailand (gift from Dad - messenger bag converted into a clutch)
Trench - Coldust collexns
On my nails - Maybelline colorama nail paints - "Laranja citrico" and "Amarelo"

I love William Shakespeare's poetry. We have incorporated Shakespeare's famous sonnet "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?". Kimono and summer create a beautiful poetic image. Hope you liked the poetic description of Kimono.

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate.
Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
And summer's lease hath all too short a date.
Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines,
And often is his gold complexion dimmed;
And every fair from fair sometime declines,
By chance, or nature's changing course, untrimmed;
But thy eternal summer shall not fade,
Nor lose possession of that fair thou ow'st,
Nor shall death brag thou wand'rest in his shade,
When in eternal lines to Time thou grow'st.
So long as men can breathe, or eyes can see,
So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.

Firstly I would like to apologise to Qvendo team for publishing this post late. I was extremely held up with personal work. Thank you so much Qvendo team for understanding. A great team to work with. Not only are your products, service great but also it feels like I am collaborating with family.

There are many ways to rock the kimono trend which seems to be picking up in the fashion circuit. You can restyle the dress into jacket and wear it over skinny jeans, dress and bell bottoms to add Japanese twist to the outfit.
Experiment with nail colors. Yellow and purple is an amazing color combination. Nail paint are like your accessories, it defines the outfit sometimes or adds the edgy contrast required.

Accessorize in a right way. Few statement rings, chain should do the trick. If you feel kimono is overwhelming when compared to your style sense just add a summer trench and sunglasses. It transforms into a beautiful everyday outfit. From party wear to everyday outfit you can recreate and restyle kimono to suit your needs.

Hope you liked the poetic kimono twist to summer. I shall wait for all your comments. I shall announce the winner of the giveaway tomorrow on the same post.
P.S. I have been suffering from mild conjunctivitis hence I am not allowed to wear eye makeup.

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Stilettos Diary Shop.

Hello Everyone.

After careful consideration I have decided to start Stilettos Diary shop. Limited edition items at very affordable price. Thanks for the overwhelming response for the accessories from Neon punk post.

Starting the sale with cat eye sunglasses, prada inspired sunglasses and stockings and few bags.

First few items on sale are.

I am surprised with the lack of options of colored stockings. 10 DIFFERENT COLORS TO CHOOSE FROM. Apart from these I have it in green color as well.

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