DIY - Brooch and Sneak Peek of Wardrobe Wednesday.

Hello Everyone!

Finally I managed to put up a DIY Post. How to make a re-sizable ring into a fashionable brooch.

Items Required :

Animal/ Insect design re-sizable ring.
A big safety pin.
Glue Gun
Gold color paint.

1. Expand the rim of the re- sizable ring and make it flat. Flat enough to hoard the safety pin.(As shown in the photo above).

2. Using a glue gun stick the safety pin to the ring (there are chances the pin can fall off).Therefore, I welded the safety pin to the ring. You can also do the same. Any local welding shop will do it for 10Rs.

3. Paint the edges of the ring and the pin. Your brooch is ready to use:).

Hope you liked the idea. I dint find a beetle but I liked this weird looking insect. It went perfectly with the outfit I am posting this week. How's the sneak peek of this week's post??

Let me introduce Muralidhara Nidwannaya. He is the new fashion photographer of Stilettos Diary. He is an amateur photographer who is very passionate about photography. Do visit his Facebook page - ChromaSutra to check out few of his masterpieces.

For any queries on styling please feel free to contact me via Facebook, Twitter or drop me an email - stilettosdiary@gmail.com or leave a comment here :)

Loads of love,

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