DIY Neon Necklaces and Bracelets

Hello Everyone!

I am back with another DIY post. I needed break from florals. The third part of the styling shall be posted soon. This week post is DIY Neon necklaces and bracelets.

Items Required:

1. Rhinestone Necklace and bracelets. (I picked it up from a local store. Each bracelet cost me 10 Rs and the necklace cost me 80 Rs.)
2. Fabric Neon Paints. (I did not find neon spray paints anywhere in Bangalore so I substituted it with Faber Castell neon fabric paints. It is a pack of four neon colors. It cost me 48 Rs).
3. Thin Brush.

How to make neon bracelets and necklaces:

1. Paint the rhinestone bracelet or chain (as Shown in third photo). Ensure the paint is diluted. This gives the bracelet a tinge of neon.
2. If you want to darker toned neon bracelets then repaint the bracelet. This time ensure its not diluted. Only repaint after the first coating dries to avoid the mess.
3. If required you can add a coat of varnish.

VOILA! Your neon bracelets are ready. Repeat the same process for the necklace. Stack these neon bracelets with a few rhinestone bracelets like I have. What do you think of this idea? Plus the above photo(me donning the neon necklace and bracelets) is sneak peek of this week's post.

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