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Hope you are having a great weekend. Recently Firmoo.com sent me a pair of sunglasses. You saw me wearing it in my previous blog post. Check out my thoughts on Firmoo.com and the Cat eye sunglasses and of course a chance to get a free pair for yourself.

< I am wearing..

Sunglasses - Courtesy Firmoo.com [BUY HERE]
Studded Leather Jacket - Forever 21.

Today, sunglasses are one of the most important fashion accessory. Finding a pair of great sunglasses that flatter your face is just as important as finding a pair of perfect shoes. Firmoo.com understands the need of modern women. They offer classic, contemporary and fashion glasses frames to help you tackle the mundane daily chores with a fashionable twist.

Well just a few pointers to remember when you are shopping for sunglasses.

1. Understand your face shape. If your face shape is oval, most frames suit your face structure. If you have round face, then opt for wider frames with angular or rectangular styles. If you have diamond face try oval or square frames. If you have triangle shaped/ squared shaped face then opt for Cat eye sunglasses or Oval frames. Lastly, if you have oblong face opt for round or oval frames.

2. Depending on your hair style choose frames. Soft and curly hair, opt for frames with delicate shapes, rimless frames and translucent colors. You have curly hair then opt for classic small frames. Short hair then geometric shapes look good. If you flaunt a very short hair style then try on bold colors, designs and modern styles. If you have long hair try frames with work with you with your hair tied up or left loose.

Hope these tips will be useful during your next shopping spree. These tips are complied from various internet sources I read few months back. Breeze through Firmoo.com, find a pair of sunglasses which suits your needs. Use the virtual mirror to check which sunglasses suit your face shape. Now get your own pair of Firmoo Sunglassses! That's right Firmoo.com is giving away first frames free for every customer. Click on the below link to get a free pair!

For any queries on styling please feel free to contact me via Facebook, Twitter or drop me an email - stilettosdiary@gmail.com or leave a comment here :)

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