Leopard and Peach.

Hello Everyone!

Good Morning. First time I am actually blogging early morning. Wish you guys a very Happy Ganesh Chaturthi.

I am wearing..

Leopard Tunic - Birthday Gift.
Peach Blazer - ZARA India (Bought during ZARA Sale for 50% off. It cost Rs.1990)
Skirt - ZARA (Bought during ZARA Sale for Rs. 990. Original cost was Rs.2393)
ALDO Rose Gold Watch - courtesy Majorbrands.in [BUY HERE]
Sunglasses - Courtesy Firmoo.com [BUY HERE]
Celine Inspired Bag - Stilettos Diary Shop [BUY HERE!]
Key ring - Stilettos Diary Shop [BUY HERE!]
Mary Jane Stilettos - ZARA INDIA (Bought it during ZARA Sale for Rs.1790. The original cost was Rs. 3400)
On my lips - Maybelline Watershine Pure
On my nails - Maybelline Colorama
On my eyes - Bourjois Paris Eyeliner.
On my lips - Coco Rouge by Chanel

When I was a kid whenever I used to buy a new dress or for that matter anything I used to constantly think of zillion ways to style it. Well my shopping spree in ZARA few months back resulted in a ZARA hangover and being that kid again. Whenever I reach out to my wardrobe all I can think of is how I am going to style my black skirt and peach blazer today! In my defense the ZARA black skirt definitely makes me look slimmer and peach color is so chic, fashionable and pleasant. Well, I believe in reusing all my outfits in my closet to the fullest and styling it differently each day. Let's face it what's the point of having a dress and wearing it just once? The challenge remains in styling it differently every time to make it look like a new dress each day :)

As I said in my previous animal prints are in this season. Leopard print is so versatile. Let's face it, it goes with every color available on this planet (Mustard, yellow, red, orange, peach, purple, green.. yup the list is endless). It's part of important ingredient for a classic wardrobe too. This week's styling is very simple. I styled my black skirt with leopard dress (worn as top), peach blazer. Completed the look with Mary Jane Stilettos, Aldo rose gold watch, Firmoo cat eye sunglasses, Celine inspired handbag and key ring.

Andy Roddick retired from International tennis. I am a huge tennis fanatic. In his farewell speech he said that the game was never better (the most enjoyable) when he was a 13 year old playing because he loved the sport, and now it's all about money and rankings. Well it struck a chord with me. I have got "advice" from several people to make blog into a full-time profession. Well the answer to it is "NO". I blog not to make money, fame or anything for that matter. I blog because it's my greatest stress buster and passion. The moment it becomes a profession I won't enjoy it like I do now. Of late I feel the pressure to constantly keep blogging and has resulted in my health condition to deteriorate. I am constantly sitting in front of the computer for 18 hours in a day. I want to feel like the 13 year old again when the blog is all about fun and joy. So I am taking a break for few weeks from outfit posts. I will be back soon. Until then please do relish on the older-posts. I will be active on facebook and my emails. Please feel free to drop an email any time.

Check out my other stylings with the same skirt and blazer.

Do let me know which styling you like the most. :) Looking forward for your emails/comments about the styling.

For any queries on styling please feel free to contact me via Facebook, Twitter or drop me an email - stilettosdiary@gmail.com or leave a comment here. :)

Check out more amazing photography by Muralidhara Nidwannaya. Click on the image!

Loads of love,

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