Prints,Velvet,Sequins and Studs.

Hello Everyone!

To all my Indian readers wish you guys a very happy Diwali. This week the post is about sequins,velvet, prints, studs and spikes! (Yup all trend incorporated into one look)

I am wearing...

Studded Flats - courtesy Steve Madden India.(Buy here!)
Abstract print shirt - courtesy Romwe.com (Buy here!)
Blue Velvet skirt - courtesy Romwe.com (Buy Here!)
Colorful Bangles - courtesy Romwe.com (Buy here!)
Zipper Bangle, Spike bracelets - Last season Stilettos Diary Accessories collection.
Ring - Stilettos Diary Shop New Collection
Sequin Clutch - DIY (Click here to read post)
On My nails - Pastel colors (Salmon, grey, coral,mint green,lavender) - Faces
On my eyes - Metallic blue eye liner Revlon.
On my lips - Chanel Rouge Allure Shade 96- Excentrique

Well I finally shot for new post today and I could not wait to share it with all of you. It seems like ages since I shot for a blogpost. I was so excited and it felt so good. I realized how much fun it is to blog for fun plus I couldn't stop jumping around in my Maddens. This Diwali I am excited about new collaboration with Steve Madden India.

It might sound crazy, but I have fallen irrevocably in love with these studded Steve Madden flats. It is extremely comfortable and super chic. Steve Madden India has come up with a unique concept "Red Shoe Soiree (RSS" where you can anonymously make candid confessions with their RSS app. Forget anonymous confession, I am making a public confession. I am a shoe whore! My obsession for stilettos has taken a new level. I almost own "70 PAIRS!!" That's right almost 70 pairs of heels and I still crib I do not have any! First thing I do is shop for heels. Well everyone has their own secrets, this is mine. If you are wondering if I bought them this year? Well no.. I am stilettos collector. I have been collecting them since the age of 18. I have maintained each and every pair until today and refuse to part with any of my babies!

Having said that. Do you have any such candid confessions? Well share with me and the world via Steve Madden RSS App. (Click Here!)

Today's outfit is so me - vivid at its best. I love abstract prints, sequins and studs and I thought why not try combining all into one look. A bit edgy, but I think all the items just beautifully fit into the frame like a jigsaw puzzle. Velvet is one of the most happening trend of this season. I picked this skirt from Rowme.com. I just love Romwe limited edition skirt collection. I paired the shirt with blue velvet skirt. Completed the look with studded heels, spikes and colorful quirky bangles. Most of the time when my outfit is edgy, I usually restrain my make up, but this time I went one step ahead and completed the look with bright orange lipstick. The hottest lip shade this season for me is orange. It just brightens up your face and adds a whole new dimension to your face. I managed to match my lipstick and my ring. Went sober on my nails with pastel nail colors.

Hope you liked this week's styling. Tune in next week for more posts.

For any queries on styling please feel free to contact me via Facebook, Twitter or drop me an email - stilettosdiary@gmail.com or leave a comment here. :)

Check out more amazing photography by Muralidhara Nidwannaya. Click on the image!

Loads of love,


  1. That clutch is simply AMAZING!! can't believe its DIY!


    1. thank u :) a bit revamped version of the diy post :)

  2. wow your LOok is great!!
    i love everything

  3. Whoaaaa!!! I LOVE YOUR STYLING!!! All the items are gr8 by themselves but its the wayyyy u put them together! I'm your fan! gr888 job! Good to see you after so long! :)
    Happy Diwali!

    Visit my blog: http://pineapple-ish.blogspot.com.au/
    if u like what you see, u can follow me too if u dont mind.. I'm a newbie.. :)

  4. N the clutch is Amazing! :D

  5. This is such a perfect outfit! Love it! And the shoes are beyond amazing!
    Much love coming your way! :)

  6. You've got a great blog here!! I'm loving it :) Would you like to follow each other?

    xx Olivia


  7. I loved each and every thing ur wearing. And especially those studded flats. :)

  8. WOW....you are lookin soooooooooooooooooo good.i am in love with you ..lol:P

  9. You look pretty in this simple outfit. I am somehow not into velvet. Love the bag and shoes. Cant believe its DIY. Off to that post now :)

    1. you know... even I was never found of velvet but this romwe skirt is absolutely elegant. I saw few velvet skirts and dress in debehanams, mango etc, I just din't like it all. It looked like curtains to me.

  10. I came across your blog for the first time today and i must say, so many wonderful creative outfit posts, ideas, thoughts you have put in here. Following you hun. :)

  11. Its awesome!:) i love the shoes <3

  12. Adorable studded flats. Love 'em!


  13. wow superb!! it's really cool style images and you give great advice on fashion news


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