Fifty Shades of Yellow.

Hello Everyone!

Hope all of you are having a great weekend. Well of late my wardrobe is over flowing with the shade yellow. I swear this is the last post you will see me wear the color. Vinegar has quickly become one of my favorite stores to shop for unique colored basics. New post featuring my collaboration with Vinegar India.

I am wearing...

Shirt dress - courtesy Vinegar India
Mustard Green blazer - courtesy Vinegar India
Olive Necklace - courtesy Vinegar India
Sunglasses - ZARA India Sale (Bought it during end of season sale for Rs.990)
Heels - ZARA India Sale (Bought it during end of season sale for Rs.1990)
Studded Clutch - Tibetan Plaza, Brigade Road (After bargaining, Paid Rs.300)
On my lips - Chanel
On my nails - Lavender and green - Faces

Is it me or Bangalore weather is just horrible? It's extremely hot and I am constantly looking out for colorful summery outfits to add color and lift my mood to go outside! I love colors and you all know how much I like experimenting with different colors. Olive and yellow color combination is my all time favorite. I decided to pair the yellow shirt dress with mustard green blazer. The blazer is extremely comfortable and lightweight, perfect for summer wear. I added olive color accessories in the form of chain and belt. Completed the look with purplish - burgundy sunglasses and heels.

I was looking for sunglasses which will completely give my face a new look. I picked up this round purplish - burgundy sunglasses from Zara. It gives a sleek new outlook to the outfit. It's just too hot in Bangalore. Every year Bangalore summer is becoming worse. My staple hair style for this season is messy summer braid. This outfit is a risk! I totally felt like Anna Dello Russo in this outfit. Only she takes fashion risk like no one else. But it turned to be nice outfit for my cousin's brother birthday party. What do you think of this outfit? Yay or Nay?

P.S. Thanks to my Sister Prajwala for the great photos.
If you are not a huge fan of wearing colors the way I do and feel this outfit is too like "LADY GAGA" then, another subtle way of incorporating this color combination, pair teal green jeans, mustard top and blazer and add olive accessories.

I love the concept of daily digital outfit diary. Facebook is currently getting on to my nerves thanks to the "sponsored post feature". I will be more regular on Instagram account, so tune into @stilettosdiary for more outfit inspiration, sale deals, every day style tips and some candid moments.

For any queries on styling please feel free to contact me via Facebook, Twitter or drop me an email - stilettosdiary@gmail.com or leave a comment here :)

Loads of love,


  1. Loved it!
    You look gorgeous
    Greetings from México :)

  2. Megha, Like your styling. I am in love with your heels.

  3. Nice look! I really like the way you pair colored pieces together.

  4. u look lvely and that zara shoes looks lovely on u :)

    1. thanks kriti :) Zara when sale is going on is like my second home :D

  5. Amazing outfit !!
    Best regards from

    Best Dressed Poland

  6. Lovely outfit...I actually love Bangalore's weather.

    I have the same shoes and I love them.


    1. Thank you :) I used to luv Bangalore weather, trust me bangalore summer was 100 times cooler than this.. I want that back :(

  7. hey
    You look great

  8. Really nice yellow outfit dear :D

    Have a nice day!
    The Spotted Cherry Pie

  9. Definitely better than fifty shades of grey. Love the outfit but not sure about the sunglasses.


    1. he he... you got the pun I intended with the title :D I don't know.. If Ian Somerhalder stars in it, I might root for the movie more than this post :P

    2. I hope the movie is better than the book :)

  10. That's an amazing outfit. :)

  11. girl , I love the ring :) where is it from ?

  12. AMAZING POST:) Your blos Is so wonderful and Im following..I hope you will follow me to.

    If you want to see some Scandinavian style bedrooms..check out my blog:)

    Have a wonderful day dear

    LOVE Maria

  13. Great post. Your site is quite interesting and very well written. I am waiting for your next post


  14. <3 Olive necklace!
    Trust me, even I've been through a Yellow wardrobe phase and love the colour since it adds life to any otherwise lack luster outfit. It also very versatile. Recently I've been sporting a Yellow nail colour from Layla (http://www.jabong.com/layla-S1-Yellow-Nail-Polish-45880.html)


  15. Yellow is such a bold hue in itself and you dared to wear all its shades together !! Wow since you made it work so well. Apart from that, the hair and the footwear too are so well executed !! Great look.

    Swati @ The Creative Bent

  16. Amazing post! Have a nice weekend:)


  17. Bright and vibrant! Love the colors.


  18. Love the mix of Mustard and Olives :-))
    MEgha,You look so pretty in side braids !

    The Make-Believe Games we play!!

  19. Love the Yellows..

    The Unabashed Feminist

  20. You look great, what a cool outfit <3 That's a wonderful jacket !

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