Hope all of you had a great weekend. This week new post in collaboration with limeroad. Few pointers on styling a simple jeans and shirt in two part series.

I am wearing..
Studded Leopard Loafers - Carlton London c/o Limeroad.com (Buy here)
Mustard shirt - Tibetan Plaza, Brigade Road (Paid Rs. 1200, Velvet Material. Similar available here)
Jeggings - Local boutique (Bought during 80% off sale for Rs.550. Last seen here)
Brooch - c/o Romwe.com (Buy here)
Tan Satchel - Tibetan Plaza, Brigade Road (Paid Rs. 720)
Sunglasses - c/o Firmoo.com
Necklace - Stilettos diary shop.
Watch - Aldo c/o Majorbrands.in

While an array of online shopping websites have flooded the Indian market, locked away in one corner is Limeroad.com with its innovative shopping experience. The website is designed in the form of a magazine. Easy to flip through the pages and find the brands you are looking. The amazing collection of footwear and bags is the highlight for me. I instantly fell in love with this studded leopard loafers. It is very comfortable and I got my order in record time as well. Go check out limeroad.com and create scrapbooks to win credits.

PART 1 :

I am totally not a jeans and shirt person. But of late I am seeing this trend of ankle cropped jeans, shirt buttoned up (ill- fitted shirt) and collar necklace. It is one trend I feel should be banned because it just doesn't do any justice to Indian figure. Firstly, being hour-glass figure with broad shoulders, a full sleeve shirt accentuates my broad shoulder without doing any justice to my figure. Since the most important thing for hour-glass figure is to accentuate the waist. Moreover, the shirt buttoned up adds more volume to top half of the body. The necklace draws more attention to the top half as well thereby accentuating the broad shoulders and makes one look broader and bulkier than necessary. The ankle cropped jeans is another big "no" from my end, as you can see it accentuates the bottom half. Since the jeans is cropped at the ankle it abruptly comes to a halt making your hips look broader. This is one trend I totally don't recommend for hourglass figure. Well, few changes to this outfit, it can actually do justice to your figure. Come back this week to check out the PART 2 of the series.

Photos thanks to Monish Shanmugam Photography and Hemanandan Raju.

Instagram weightloss challenge update: Can you believe, a small changes can make big difference. Working out 5 days in a week and maintaining your diet I managed to actually lose 2kgs in one week. For those who want to join me, follow me on Instagram (@stilettosdiary)/ Twitter (@megha_varshini) for daily schedule and diet plans.

Few of my favorite picks from handbag collection at limeroad.com

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Make up tips from Givenchy International make up artist - Joseph Dosh.

Recently, I was invited by Debenhams, Orion Mall team to undergo a makeover with Givenchy International make-up artist Joseph Dosh. Instead of making it a regular makeover I asked him for few tips which will help us all look red carpet ready for every day. According to him, “Highlight your best feature in the face” was always his mantra which got him on the Givenchy platform for the world to learn. Joseph Dosh, Givenchy International make-up artist gives a rapid lesson for all the women to get gorgeous in 6 steps!

Six steps and Beautified: According to him, before decking up ourselves with makeup, the most trivial part is skin care. Cleanser, Toner and Sun Protection will get you that glowing perfection. More on that in posts coming soon.

1. Cleanse your face thoroughly before applying any makeup.

2. Foundation and clean face. He used Eclat Matissime, foundation that is long lasting and sweat proof. It made all the discoloration go away and the face looked plain and neat. This product is distinguished because of its zinc content which extracts the extra oil on your face and makes the skin soft and smooth. The best thing about this product is it acts like a primer, moisturizer and foundation. Instead of investing in three products this gives a clean overall finish.

My verdict : Great product, helps achieving an even tone, moisturizes the face and lasts 7-8 hours. Good for everyday wear, but unfortunately it doesn't suit sensitive skin type like mine. Landed having outbursts. Do stop by Givenchy store and pick up a tester. If it works on your skin type it is definitely a good investment.

3. After achieving a clean overall finish, next is eye make up. He used the Magic Kohl - eye pencil, it is anti-smudge and waterproof. According to him this season keep your eye make-up as simple as possible. It can be used as kajal as well as an eyeliner. It also lasts for 7-8 hours without smudging.

My verdict: I really like the fact it is anti smudge. I face this problem with most brands, the eye pencil just smudges and spreads. I am not comfortable with liquid eyeliners. I prefer eye pencils. So I totally recommend this product. After the makeover, I picked up this product.

4. Next step Mascara. Joseph says: “The most important thing for me in a flash make up is Mascara. I have noticed how few are uncomfortable with Mascara". It is true I am totally not a mascara person, but after the makeover I am considering investing in one. He used Noir Couture Mascara which gives volume to your lashes, and you could just flirt with your eyes ;)

My verdict: Great mascara, gives a lot of volume. I really loved the overall finish it gave to the look. Currently, I am using MAC Volume Lush which I use for outing with friends, but not on a regular basis. After it gets over I might go pick this up.

5. Highlight your cheeks with blush. He used Le prisme blush to highlight the cheek bones.

My Verdict: I have never tried blush in my life! So I can't really comment right now. Currently, I am doing research as to which product will suit my sensitive skin type. Probably after I try few products and see the results I might be able to give better idea.

6. Lipcolor : Match your lips and nail color, this is the trend for summer according to Joseph. He used Givenchy’s Le Rouge lip color which gave the perfect ending to the makeover! If you haven’t noticed, Le Rouge are the new line of products that have been introduced by Givenchy this season.12 different lip colors with matching nail colors have been introduced. The colors are so alluring and bash you would want to pick them up at that instant!

My Verdict: I love the fact that you don't need to apply lip balm before applying the lip color. It acts as a moisturizer as well as a lip color. It is long lasting. I also love the casing of the product. The leather casing makes the lipstick sturdy and unlike other lip colors it doesn't break if you drop it.

Summing up: Cleanser, Foundation, Kohl, Mascara, Blush and lip color and you are good to walk your every day red carpet. My takeaway from this makeover: Invest in a good kohl, mascara and blush. It highlights your features. I wasn't a mascara or blush person. After this makeover, I am totally going to invest in these two. Before I do, right now I am doing research as to which one suits sensitive skin type the most. If you have any suggestions about the same, please do let me know.

Check out how I looked post makeover and how I styled outfit in a MAGAZINE FORMAT.Just flip it like a magazine (Read here). Those who want to join my Instagram weightloss challenge ( Read here)

Photos thanks to Monish Shanmugam Photography. Blog post written by me and Sahana Ananth. I want to thank Joseph for giving these tips for Stilettos Diary, for answering all my queries (it was great learning experience) and Debenhams for arranging this event.

About Joseph Dosh : Born in Beirut Lebanon, Joseph indulged his passion for the arts with a degree in interior Design and Drawing. Soon thereafter, Joseph’s path lead him to study amongst the stars in Hollywood California, where he attended the Studio Makeup Academy and completed an intensive training program in commercial photography, fashion, stage and screen makeup. Armed with an arsenal of well-honed skills and an affinity for all things beauty, Joseph began his career as a makeup artist with MAC in 1997 and subsequently, Estee Lauder and Yves Saint Laurent. During this time he also had the opportunity to work with a host of celebrities like the edgy, Mary Kate Olsen. Joseph realized his goal of joining Givenchy Parfums in 2007.He set his sights on the brand after a chance encounter with Audrey Hepburn in Hollywood where they shared a coffee with her at Madame Tussaud’s. Since joining Givenchy, he has admired Ricardo Tisci’s vision as Hubert’s successor and is looking forward to bringing his unique perspective to future Givenchy runway shows.

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Instagram weightloss challenge.

Hello Everyone!

You all know I have been struggling with weight issues from past couple of months. I decided it is time to stop procrastinating and finally do something about it!

To all those who believe that losing weight is difficult, trust me losing weight is the easy part, but maintaining weight is the most difficult task if you don't get into a good routine. So I am starting my weight loss challenge from today. I will be updating my exercise and diet routine every day. For those who want to join me, follow me on Instagram (@stilettosdiary)/ Twitter (@megha_varshini) for daily schedule and diet plans. It is really hard to blog daily and these two are better medium to share the schedules. We can lose weight together and motivate each other. All those who want to join the challenge share your goals and motivating factors on Instagram by tagging @stilettosdiary or tweet the same tagging @megha_varshini :) More people, more motivation and better results for all :)

For inspiration, I was once an obese kid! I weighed 86 kgs. I finally decided it was time to change and I managed to lose weight through exercise and good food routine. I managed to reach 54 kgs.


Of late due to hectic work schedule, I started to ignore my health (started eating rice at night :( My mom's awesome cooking is to be blamed) and with the medication, I managed to put on ten kgs! So my target is to lose 10 kgs in 75 days which is a good target and ideal weight loss method. Why am I doing this? I love myself and I owe my body a healthy regime as an added bonus I get to fit back to all my clothes I have outgrown and look fab. Don't do it for anyone else, but for yourself. You deserve a good, healthy and fit body. Time to start change from today and not tomorrow!


Hope this post inspires all of you and will join along to motivate each other.

For any queries on styling please feel free to contact me via Facebook, Twitter or drop me an email - stilettosdiary@gmail.com or leave a comment here :)

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Neon,Stripes and Bees.

Hello Everyone!

Spring has finally arrived! It is the time to wear loads of colors and take a break from the monotonous black and white outfits. Don't get me wrong. I love black and white trend but I quite need my daily dose of colors. Check out my new picks from Kiosha.com.

I am wearing..
Lime Green Sling Bag - c/o Kiosha.com (Buy here)
Bee earrings - c/o Kiosha.com (Buy here)
Bow stripe top - c/o Kiosha.com (Seems sold out but love this one here)
Green Heels - c/o Persunmall.com (Buy here)
Lotus Mendes Goddess Ring - c/o Lotus Mendes.com (Buy here)
Mustard flats - c/o Oasap.com (Buy here)
Tassel bracelet and Skull bracelet) - c/o - Romwe.com (Buy here)
Sunglasses - c/o - Fastrack India.
Bee Ring - Commercial Street.
Pink blazer - Bought in Commercial Street ( During 50% Sale for Rs.850. Last seen here and Buy Here)
Jeans - Levi's (Old, been with me since good old college days)
On my nails - Colorbar (Shade 96 - Lime Margarita)
On my lips - Pink Brandy (Max Factor)

Kiosha.com is turning out to be my favorite shopping destination. Remember my last outfit post? I love the accessories at Kiosha.com. I picked up the bee earrings, lime green sling bag and bow detailed striped top. This tribal ring
and stripe flats are still on my wish list (never ending). Will probably pick it up for my birthday.

I need to give a huge shout out to Persunmall.com. These heels are super comfortable. The color is perfect for summer. A bright pair of heels just glamorizes any outfit. Persunmall has a great referral program going on. REFER A FRIEND & EARN 15% CREDITS! Register on persunmall.com and start inviting friends and earn credits.

LINK : http://www.persunmall.com/?main_page=login&ref=1192

If you are not a heels person like me, then check out the mustard bow detail flats I found at Oasap.com. Super cute and comfortable.

I kept the styling simple. Paired Navy blue denims with stripe top and candy colored blazer. I added more color with my nail polish, matching heels and colorful accessories. I have a hourglass figure so skirts and dresses look much better on me. Usually jeans highlights my unfortunate fact that I am bottom heavy. Of late I am wearing a lot of jeans to motivate myself to get back into the shape I was a few months ago. So, this week I will be starting my weight loss challenge and weekly updates on blog. Anyone interested to lose weight along with me please drop me an email. Let's motivate each other!

P.S. While shooting for the blog post it started drizzling, added to the humid conditions, my hair started to frizz. By the end of the shooting my hair was 10 times the normal volume! Do let me know what products you use to control frizz?

P.S.S Have you seen the previous post in MAGAZINE FORMAT? (CLICK HERE)

Photos thanks to Monish Shanmugam Photography.

I will be more regular on Instagram account, so tune into @stilettosdiary for more outfit inspiration, sale deals, every day style tips and some candid moments. For any queries on styling please feel free to contact me via Facebook, Twitter or drop me an email - stilettosdiary@gmail.com or leave a comment here :)

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Flip it like a Magazine.

Hello Everyone!

Hope all of you are having a great week. Now that I am back on my feet and migraine treatment is going well, time to do some creative work. I am back with a new post in a magazine style :).

Click on the Expand option and read the magazine in full screen. The google ad is inbuilt with joomag software (sorry about that), please click on [X] in the corner of the ad or just click on expand the ad will go away.To hide the other recommended magazines. Just click on the "recommend" side bar option and the side bar will be hidden from the view.

You can flip through pages by dragging the corners of the pages or using arrows at the top or enabling keyboard controls. Click twice anywhere to zoom in and twice again to zoom out.Click ESC after reading the magazine.

Check out the outfit post magazine for more about spring leather, fashion on a budget, Monish Shanmugam photography. If you want to buy a product, the magazine has inbuilt links, just click on it to redirect to shopping website.

Do let me know what you think of the idea, post and styling? I would love to hear your feedback and thank you so much for all the support. Please do keep on emailing and commenting about post ideas you want to see on blog. I will definitely be incorporating all of it soon on the blog. Do follow me on Instragram @STILETTOSDIARY to check out how I have restyled this skirt, flash sale deals and more.

Photography thanks to Monish Shanmugam photography

For any queries on styling please feel free to contact me via Facebook, Twitter or drop me an email - stilettosdiary@gmail.com or leave a comment here :)

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The Desi Musketeers.

Hello everyone!

Well I got a lot of requests to do Indian outfit post and a year and a half back I got a chance to shoot with my two best friends Lakshmi (in the centre) and Shreya (right). We have been friends since high school. Though these photos were shot long ago, I thought no better way to start Indian style posts than these photos. I will be doing a series of post on daily wear segments featuring Indian outfits. The lovely Lakshmi was the brainchild behind a doing a desi photo shoot.

I am wearing... Anarkali suit - Adaa (Local boutique - cost Rs.3000)
Lakshmi is wearing.. Suit - Sunil's (Local boutique)
Shreya is wearing.. Suit - Sunil's (Local boutique)
Well I love colors, so I chose this colorful anarkali suit and paired it with a simple metal ring. I know I should be fined for those hideous kitten heels I am wearing! But fortunately the crystal embellished transparent heel I was wearing broke. I did not have any other alternative, but to wear the spare heels I carry most of the time. Lakshmi is epitome of classic beauty and she chose this simple red suit with a heavy embroidery dupatta and completed the look with terracotta jewelery and embellished flats. Shreya opted for a simple cream and gold suit and finished the look with a metallic slippers. Do let me know what you think of the styling.

Thanks Lakshmi and Shreya for 13 years of just awesomeness and also for doing this post with me.

I will be more regular on Instagram account, so tune into @stilettosdiary for more outfit inspiration, sale deals, every day style tips and some candid moments. For any queries on styling please feel free to contact me via Facebook, Twitter or drop me an email - stilettosdiary@gmail.com or leave a comment here :)

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Budgeting a Chanel!

Hello everyone!

In the month of February, I got a chance to attend Fastrack store opening in CMH Road, Indiranagar. I felt like a kid in candy store when I entered the store! The store is like a sugar bowl of creativity, overflowing with ingenious decor ideas and original theme. The store has commodes, cages, skeleton hands, a fridge and a tortured mannequin to display belts. A one of a kind store with edgy outlook. Check out the store photos and budgeting a Chanel look (that's right look for less is back :D).

I am wearing..
Dress - Forever 21 (Cotton black dress, paid 15$ in Forever 21 clearance sale. Original cost 30$)
Jacket - Mango (Got it during recent sale for Rs.1800. Original cost Rs.2800. Buy here )
Heels - ZARA (Got it during end of season sale for Rs.1900. Original cost Rs.4300. Buy here)
Bracelets - Stilettos Diary shop (Last seen here)
ALDO Rose Gold Watch - courtesy Majorbrands.in (Buy here)

It's been almost a year since I did celebrity LOOK FOR LESS (last look - ALL OVER LACE, read HERE). This time I chose to get this total Chanel look worn by Chiara Ferragni of TheBlondeSalad fame. I really don't know how much her entire look costs because she is wearing everything from Chanel. My entire look, costs less than 1/10th of the total cost of the bag alone!

I decided to add my own twist to the outfit, I paired the forever 21 cotton dress with Jacquard tweed coat. I had seen this coat way back when I was helping my friend shop. It was way out of my budget then. During last league of Mango end of season sale, I managed to score it for Rs.1800. I like the gold chain detailing, I did see a beige jacket, but din't fit me so I opted for the green one instead. The beige jacket looked quite similar to the one Chiara is wearing. I decided to wear cut out wedge heels rather than boots. I was destined to own these wedge heels from ZARA India. Last pair left in my size at 60% off (How can I even resist that?). Few gold bracelets, ALDO rose gold watch and nude makeup completed the look.

What do you think of this edition of LOOK FOR LESS? Do let me. I will be regularly blogging from hence forth. A little birdie told me not to let my health conditions define terms. So the complete story of my illness is I suffer from chronic migraine headaches that lasts months together. Last seven months the pain was unbearable. After few epic goofs up, weight gain and severe side-effects I stopped all medicines. After a very unsuccessful treatment with "English medicines" (My mom calls all medicines prescribed by doctors as "English medicines") now I am taking Homeopathy treatment for chronic migraine. So far, I like the results, I am back on track to losing weight (These photos were shot in Feb. I have managed to put down 3 kgs, check out the post I shot last week HERE). Hopefully this time the treatment will be successful. Keeping my fingers crossed.

If you are in Bangalore don't forget to check out Fastrack new store at CMH Road and if you are not from Bangalore then check out this video HERE.

Photos thanks to Monish Shanmugam Photography.

I love the concept of daily digital outfit diary. Facebook is currently getting on to my nerves thanks to the "sponsored post feature". I will be more regular on Instagram account, so tune into @stilettosdiary for more outfit inspiration, sale deals, every day style tips and some candid moments. For any queries on styling please feel free to contact me via Facebook, Twitter or drop me an email - stilettosdiary@gmail.com or leave a comment here :)

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