Budgeting a Chanel!

Hello everyone!

In the month of February, I got a chance to attend Fastrack store opening in CMH Road, Indiranagar. I felt like a kid in candy store when I entered the store! The store is like a sugar bowl of creativity, overflowing with ingenious decor ideas and original theme. The store has commodes, cages, skeleton hands, a fridge and a tortured mannequin to display belts. A one of a kind store with edgy outlook. Check out the store photos and budgeting a Chanel look (that's right look for less is back :D).

I am wearing..
Dress - Forever 21 (Cotton black dress, paid 15$ in Forever 21 clearance sale. Original cost 30$)
Jacket - Mango (Got it during recent sale for Rs.1800. Original cost Rs.2800. Buy here )
Heels - ZARA (Got it during end of season sale for Rs.1900. Original cost Rs.4300. Buy here)
Bracelets - Stilettos Diary shop (Last seen here)
ALDO Rose Gold Watch - courtesy Majorbrands.in (Buy here)

It's been almost a year since I did celebrity LOOK FOR LESS (last look - ALL OVER LACE, read HERE). This time I chose to get this total Chanel look worn by Chiara Ferragni of TheBlondeSalad fame. I really don't know how much her entire look costs because she is wearing everything from Chanel. My entire look, costs less than 1/10th of the total cost of the bag alone!

I decided to add my own twist to the outfit, I paired the forever 21 cotton dress with Jacquard tweed coat. I had seen this coat way back when I was helping my friend shop. It was way out of my budget then. During last league of Mango end of season sale, I managed to score it for Rs.1800. I like the gold chain detailing, I did see a beige jacket, but din't fit me so I opted for the green one instead. The beige jacket looked quite similar to the one Chiara is wearing. I decided to wear cut out wedge heels rather than boots. I was destined to own these wedge heels from ZARA India. Last pair left in my size at 60% off (How can I even resist that?). Few gold bracelets, ALDO rose gold watch and nude makeup completed the look.

What do you think of this edition of LOOK FOR LESS? Do let me. I will be regularly blogging from hence forth. A little birdie told me not to let my health conditions define terms. So the complete story of my illness is I suffer from chronic migraine headaches that lasts months together. Last seven months the pain was unbearable. After few epic goofs up, weight gain and severe side-effects I stopped all medicines. After a very unsuccessful treatment with "English medicines" (My mom calls all medicines prescribed by doctors as "English medicines") now I am taking Homeopathy treatment for chronic migraine. So far, I like the results, I am back on track to losing weight (These photos were shot in Feb. I have managed to put down 3 kgs, check out the post I shot last week HERE). Hopefully this time the treatment will be successful. Keeping my fingers crossed.

If you are in Bangalore don't forget to check out Fastrack new store at CMH Road and if you are not from Bangalore then check out this video HERE.

Photos thanks to Monish Shanmugam Photography.

I love the concept of daily digital outfit diary. Facebook is currently getting on to my nerves thanks to the "sponsored post feature". I will be more regular on Instagram account, so tune into @stilettosdiary for more outfit inspiration, sale deals, every day style tips and some candid moments. For any queries on styling please feel free to contact me via Facebook, Twitter or drop me an email - stilettosdiary@gmail.com or leave a comment here :)

Loads of love,


  1. Hope your treatment works well hun. Nice look.

  2. Love this look for less.
    You look divine.
    xo Haylee

  3. I'm head over heels for that Jacket! Love the look.
    Im following you :)

    Much Love and Follow me on:

  4. You look great! Love your "in budget" outfit!!!!!\

    Dionysia - I am a fashionista

  5. such awesome displays in that store! great job making the outfit on a budget as well .. f21 is amazing!



  6. nice look.. loved neon shade eye-shade cases..

  7. Nice look. And the vivid colored bag works really well :) Loved those heels.


  8. Just discovered your blog and I think you are just fabulous, so talented and creative and to top it all a budget fashionista! Very inspired by you and will undoubtedly be your newest follower!
    Hoping all goes well with your health:-)


  9. Your bag is very nice, all accessories matching perfectly...

  10. just discovered your blog and I think you are just fabulous, so talented and creative and to top it all a budget fashionista! Very inspired by you and will undoubtedly be your newest followers. Even

  11. hi
    I greet the Polish
    wow amazing pictures, beautiful red handbag
    You look good in a helmet

  12. your so preety and love the outfit,already following you!

    would be really glad if you would visit my blog,and if possible follow me back :)

  13. Come what may I don't like anything from Fastrack anymore..Nice outfit and loved your heel
    New post is up on my blog xx

  14. hi Megha,

    really liked the look so much and your own mix and match is much better i must say instead of that look.
    also i like the word " english Medicine" perfect name. I love the way you are dressed i want it too but due to over weight i cant. anyway good luck keep writing the inspiring..... :)

  15. Lovely look and those shoes are adorable! :)

  16. So Pretty and Charming Sweet Heels......... some more here http://www.theminimall.com/apparels-women-kurtis

  17. Soooooo Cool i just fell in love with them see more here http://www.theminimall.com/apparels-women-kurtis


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