Instagram weightloss challenge.

Hello Everyone!

You all know I have been struggling with weight issues from past couple of months. I decided it is time to stop procrastinating and finally do something about it!

To all those who believe that losing weight is difficult, trust me losing weight is the easy part, but maintaining weight is the most difficult task if you don't get into a good routine. So I am starting my weight loss challenge from today. I will be updating my exercise and diet routine every day. For those who want to join me, follow me on Instagram (@stilettosdiary)/ Twitter (@megha_varshini) for daily schedule and diet plans. It is really hard to blog daily and these two are better medium to share the schedules. We can lose weight together and motivate each other. All those who want to join the challenge share your goals and motivating factors on Instagram by tagging @stilettosdiary or tweet the same tagging @megha_varshini :) More people, more motivation and better results for all :)

For inspiration, I was once an obese kid! I weighed 86 kgs. I finally decided it was time to change and I managed to lose weight through exercise and good food routine. I managed to reach 54 kgs.


Of late due to hectic work schedule, I started to ignore my health (started eating rice at night :( My mom's awesome cooking is to be blamed) and with the medication, I managed to put on ten kgs! So my target is to lose 10 kgs in 75 days which is a good target and ideal weight loss method. Why am I doing this? I love myself and I owe my body a healthy regime as an added bonus I get to fit back to all my clothes I have outgrown and look fab. Don't do it for anyone else, but for yourself. You deserve a good, healthy and fit body. Time to start change from today and not tomorrow!


Hope this post inspires all of you and will join along to motivate each other.

For any queries on styling please feel free to contact me via Facebook, Twitter or drop me an email - stilettosdiary@gmail.com or leave a comment here :)

Loads of love,

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