Make up tips from Givenchy International make up artist - Joseph Dosh.

Recently, I was invited by Debenhams, Orion Mall team to undergo a makeover with Givenchy International make-up artist Joseph Dosh. Instead of making it a regular makeover I asked him for few tips which will help us all look red carpet ready for every day. According to him, “Highlight your best feature in the face” was always his mantra which got him on the Givenchy platform for the world to learn. Joseph Dosh, Givenchy International make-up artist gives a rapid lesson for all the women to get gorgeous in 6 steps!

Six steps and Beautified: According to him, before decking up ourselves with makeup, the most trivial part is skin care. Cleanser, Toner and Sun Protection will get you that glowing perfection. More on that in posts coming soon.

1. Cleanse your face thoroughly before applying any makeup.

2. Foundation and clean face. He used Eclat Matissime, foundation that is long lasting and sweat proof. It made all the discoloration go away and the face looked plain and neat. This product is distinguished because of its zinc content which extracts the extra oil on your face and makes the skin soft and smooth. The best thing about this product is it acts like a primer, moisturizer and foundation. Instead of investing in three products this gives a clean overall finish.

My verdict : Great product, helps achieving an even tone, moisturizes the face and lasts 7-8 hours. Good for everyday wear, but unfortunately it doesn't suit sensitive skin type like mine. Landed having outbursts. Do stop by Givenchy store and pick up a tester. If it works on your skin type it is definitely a good investment.

3. After achieving a clean overall finish, next is eye make up. He used the Magic Kohl - eye pencil, it is anti-smudge and waterproof. According to him this season keep your eye make-up as simple as possible. It can be used as kajal as well as an eyeliner. It also lasts for 7-8 hours without smudging.

My verdict: I really like the fact it is anti smudge. I face this problem with most brands, the eye pencil just smudges and spreads. I am not comfortable with liquid eyeliners. I prefer eye pencils. So I totally recommend this product. After the makeover, I picked up this product.

4. Next step Mascara. Joseph says: “The most important thing for me in a flash make up is Mascara. I have noticed how few are uncomfortable with Mascara". It is true I am totally not a mascara person, but after the makeover I am considering investing in one. He used Noir Couture Mascara which gives volume to your lashes, and you could just flirt with your eyes ;)

My verdict: Great mascara, gives a lot of volume. I really loved the overall finish it gave to the look. Currently, I am using MAC Volume Lush which I use for outing with friends, but not on a regular basis. After it gets over I might go pick this up.

5. Highlight your cheeks with blush. He used Le prisme blush to highlight the cheek bones.

My Verdict: I have never tried blush in my life! So I can't really comment right now. Currently, I am doing research as to which product will suit my sensitive skin type. Probably after I try few products and see the results I might be able to give better idea.

6. Lipcolor : Match your lips and nail color, this is the trend for summer according to Joseph. He used Givenchy’s Le Rouge lip color which gave the perfect ending to the makeover! If you haven’t noticed, Le Rouge are the new line of products that have been introduced by Givenchy this season.12 different lip colors with matching nail colors have been introduced. The colors are so alluring and bash you would want to pick them up at that instant!

My Verdict: I love the fact that you don't need to apply lip balm before applying the lip color. It acts as a moisturizer as well as a lip color. It is long lasting. I also love the casing of the product. The leather casing makes the lipstick sturdy and unlike other lip colors it doesn't break if you drop it.

Summing up: Cleanser, Foundation, Kohl, Mascara, Blush and lip color and you are good to walk your every day red carpet. My takeaway from this makeover: Invest in a good kohl, mascara and blush. It highlights your features. I wasn't a mascara or blush person. After this makeover, I am totally going to invest in these two. Before I do, right now I am doing research as to which one suits sensitive skin type the most. If you have any suggestions about the same, please do let me know.

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Photos thanks to Monish Shanmugam Photography. Blog post written by me and Sahana Ananth. I want to thank Joseph for giving these tips for Stilettos Diary, for answering all my queries (it was great learning experience) and Debenhams for arranging this event.

About Joseph Dosh : Born in Beirut Lebanon, Joseph indulged his passion for the arts with a degree in interior Design and Drawing. Soon thereafter, Joseph’s path lead him to study amongst the stars in Hollywood California, where he attended the Studio Makeup Academy and completed an intensive training program in commercial photography, fashion, stage and screen makeup. Armed with an arsenal of well-honed skills and an affinity for all things beauty, Joseph began his career as a makeup artist with MAC in 1997 and subsequently, Estee Lauder and Yves Saint Laurent. During this time he also had the opportunity to work with a host of celebrities like the edgy, Mary Kate Olsen. Joseph realized his goal of joining Givenchy Parfums in 2007.He set his sights on the brand after a chance encounter with Audrey Hepburn in Hollywood where they shared a coffee with her at Madame Tussaud’s. Since joining Givenchy, he has admired Ricardo Tisci’s vision as Hubert’s successor and is looking forward to bringing his unique perspective to future Givenchy runway shows.

Loads of love,


  1. Hi,
    As u said u face problem with kajal smudging ....
    try Attitude Black Eye pencil its worth spending money...:)

    1. never heard of it.. Will check it out.. thank u :)

  2. really great makeup :)
    you look very pretty :)

  3. Grrat tips, your makeup and outfit are both beautiful!

    I'm so looking forward to the matching lip and nail color items, maybe I'll start by trying to combine some by myself if I can't find that brand in Finland... (:

    Greetings from the North, Anna


  4. You look so pretty, the eye make up looks wonderful on you!

  5. hey

    great make-up,
      add your feminine beauty and style

  6. Natural and nice

  7. That lipstick sounds pretty amazing, I feel like lipsticks are constantly drying out my lips. And you look beautiful!


  8. Really nice style here! I love your look and your make up ofcourse.
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark


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