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Hi everyone. I am back with new collaboration, ninebox.in and PART 2 of the series of styling jeans and shirt.

I am wearing..

Camel tone Leather cuff - c/o ninebox.in (Buy here)
Ivory cuff - c/o ninebox.in (Buy here)
Mayan Arc necklace in mint - c/o ninebox.in (Buy here)
Mustard shirt - Tibetan Plaza, Brigade Road (Paid Rs. 1200, Velvet Material. Similar available here, last seen here)
Jeggings - Local boutique (Bought during 80% off sale for Rs.550. Last seen here and here)
Sunglasses - c/o Romwe.com (Buy here)
Watch - Aldo c/o Majorbrands.in

Ninebox, the brand is the brainchild of Archana Uthaya, whose keen interest and love for fashion led her to give up a career in the corporate world to concentrate on conceptualizing a store in Bangalore where the absolute latest and trendiest in clothing and accessories is available. Ninebox.in is an online extension of the Bangalore store. The plethora of trendy accessories caught my attention. Each and every item of jewelry is unique, fresh and has clean finishing. I also got the items I ordered within 4-5 days. The camel tone leather cuff has become my favorite cuff.I have already restyled it so many ways.

PART 2 :

In PART 1 (Read here) I discussed few trends which don't suit the hourglass body shape. This week I will be discussing how few changes can make the jeans and shirt trend more viable to hourglass figure.

Instead of completely buttoning the shirt up, unbutton the collar and opt for a simple necklace to ensure not all the attention is drawn to upper half of the body. Don't roll up the sleeves until your elbows, it again shortens your hands. Add loads of cuff and arm accessories to draw attention to the thinnest part of your arms, wrists. Instead of a satchel opt for statement clutch to take centre of attention. Add heels to make the look city chic. The heels not only adds height, but also helps you acquire a better posture. By incorporating the above ideas, you are balancing your upper body and the lower body and ensuring the thinnest part of the body is highlighted. Don't believe me? Compare this look with the PART 1 (Read here) look and judge yourself.

Do let me know what you think of the ideas and if it works for you? Few of my favorite picks from ninebox.in.

Photos thanks to Monish Shanmugam Photography and Hemanandan Raju.

Loads of love,


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  2. great pictures :)
    amazing necklace :)


  3. Omg, love your accessories! <3

    - Esther

  4. Hi! Loved your blog! Follow mine please! http://1100days.blogspot.pt/ <3

  5. The camel tone leather cuff is so damn gorgeous. That is really all that I could concentrate on this post. But the link says page not found :(

    But thanks for introducing such a cool brand. I guess I would really enjoy shopping there jewelry section specifically. :)

    Swati @ The Creative Bent

    1. Hi swati, unfortunately both the cuffs are sold out post this blog post. The link was working till today morning :).

  6. You're back :D yay, the sunglasses rock!


  7. Hey
    wow style and elegance

  8. OMG!! Those heels are killer Megha! The neckplace and arm cuffs look stunning :)

    Makeup, Style and Sugar.

  9. Hello Megha I absolutely love your pumps and especially the necklace! Love your style <3 thank you for dropping by blog the other day ^^


  10. Gorgeous pictures and great stylish ideas!

    You can check our blog too: http://fashionmetropolitan.blogspot.co.uk


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