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Accessories - Finura (Item codes in order - FD-33, FD-08, FD-18, FD -12, FD-15)

My friend Richa recently launched her line of exquisite jewelry called Finura. "FINURA" as the name signifies grace, elegance so does the design of her necklaces. They are trendy and have the contemporary mixture of semi-precious stones and vibrant colors.

I am in love with every single item from her collection. The jewelry is fun, classy and have a bit of traditional vibe as well. This month I will be donning accessories from her collection in various outfit posts. The first photo is sneak peek of outfit post coming out this Wednesday. The jewelry is also very versatile. I styled the necklaces as bracelets as well as anklets. The above accessories are my favorite picks of the week.

Finura accessories have a beautiful combination of stones and creativity, which makes you feel elegant and graceful. The best part? Finura is open to customization and will be happy to make neck pieces of your choice. You can custom make items with stones of your choice and pick from plethora of design options. To make things convenient, I have made a magazine of all the designs and item codes available. IF INTERESTED TO BUY, DROP AN EMAIL TO STILETTOSDIARY@GMAIL.COM WITH ITEM CODES FOR FURTHER INFORMATION.

Photos thanks to Monish Shanmugam Photography

Congrats Narayani Rachna for winning the Toteteca Giveaway and Daniya Mehta you won yourself a pair of Steve Madden heels. Please drop an email to stilettosdiary@gmail.com for further guidance ( Daniya Mehta's winning entry - I'm crazy about shoes like any other girl. I love shoes that fit like a glove. I could wear pumps day and night, in the washroom, for a shower, for anything, anyday, Steve Madden ensures comfort with quality. These shoes are unique. I could pair them with anything at all and look like a Diva, all girls have a diva inside them, right? I love the heel quotient. Makes me go HIGH. I love this pair because it's so summer right. Why? Yeah you would like to know, won't you? Print - Check. Colours - Check. Sex Appeal - Check. Steve Madden - Check. Lastly, like someone said, 'Give a girl the right shoes and she will conquer the world' I wanna conquer the world, so do you get the hint?)

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  1. Thanks Stilettos Diary :)

    You made us believe that there is no age of looking beautiful and living beautiful.

  2. Thanks Stilettos Diary :)

    You made us believe that there is no age of looking beautiful and living beautiful.

    _Narayani Rachna

  3. OMG!! You have worn sexyyy accessories and the watch just does the work of icing on the cake... http://www.psocial.in/category/accessories-1

  4. Love them all


  5. Very interesting line of jewellery, it looks really contemporary and elegant. Nice work!


  6. Really it is lovely accessories. love all them.


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