Black to Basics.

I am wearing.. Dress - c/o Standing Armed Heels - Steve Madden Watch - Aldo

Back to basics is the mantra of this week's blog post. After, I cut my hair short, I have been cribbing of wanting my long hair back (the grass is always greener on the other side). One of my friends suggested, I should try out extensions. After months of searching, I finally found extensions to suit my hair and gave me my old long hair charm back. The process of wearing extensions is quite painfully, it took my few hours to get it right. If you want to know how to wear hair extensions, drop me an email. I will definitely blog about it. If not, let's just say god bless the person who invented extensions. It turned out to be my knight in shining armor. Black dress, black heels, red nail polish, dramatic cat eye makeup and few gold accessories and I was ready for Sunday brunch with friends. If you ask me why I did not accessorize as I usually do, I was fed up by the time I set my hair that, just grabbed few accessories, watch and ran out. Besides, I am in love with this Standing Armed dress. I wanted to do justice to simple LBD. The fit of the dress is just perfect, though it brings out my hourglass figure it still gives a flattering feel.

Few months back, I got a chance to check out Standing Armed. Standing armed is a melding of sophistication. Lindsay Walsh, the brainchild behind Standing Armed focuses on classic, timeless pieces of the utmost quality. I spoke to her over the phone and fell in love with her idea and vision. Based in Canada, she has her own studio and design house. I am getting the golden opportunity to introduce her label to Indian audience. This is what she had to say over our tete-a-tete.

1. From where do you get your inspiration, can you share how you interpret them into your lovely design?
Inspiration comes from different places each season. Most often its travel. Where I have travelled. But it also comes from what's I'm reading, music, culture, art. For SS13 season you can see inspiration from my trip to Dubai this spring.

2. You have named your label as standing armed, any particular reason for the same?
Fashion and clothing have transformative values. It is the armour we face the world with every day and it can change not only the way we look, but the way we feel.

3. When you create something, what goes through your mind?
How I want it to feel. Clothing is very tactile and we of course see how it looks first, but I also want to create clothing that feels amazing, both in terms of how it feels on the body and how the person wearing it feels. I give a lot of thought to fabrics. I work largely with natural fibers. I also consider the cut of the garment. How is it intended to fit? How will it layer over other pieces? I also consider the final use. Will it need pockets? What shoes will you wear with it? In the end my goal is to consider all these factors and still make a beautiful looking garment.

4. In your earlier years, how did you decide that you eventually wanted to become a designer?
In school I took a lot of art and sewing classes. I never thought about it as a career until I was deciding on what university to go to. I thought about doing arts, but it was fashion I was always most excited about. I ended up doing my degree in fashion design and the rest is history.

5. How do you intend women to feel when wearing your label Standing Armed clothing?
Confident and beautiful. I think so much confidence can come from wearing styles that suite your body and lifestyle. I also know that women today are busy with careers and their social lives and clothing needs to cater to the hectic lifestyle. It should be easy to wear.

6. What do you have to say to the next generation, particularly for those hoping to follow in your footsteps?
Do what makes you happy. You can't be everything to everyone. Find that thing that is uniquely you and do it well.

7. Can you please share, which is your favorite piece from your collection and why?
Right now I'm loving the Abate Dress, FW12. It is the most fluid silk dress. Also looks great over skinny trousers. So easy to wear.

8. What are your future plans with the label Standing armed?
I will be looking to build the line within Canada, and eventually, internationally.

Don't forget to check out Standing Armed.

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Food and Restaurant Review - Benjarong








First word that I can think of while writing this blog post is "Finally". Welcome to the first food and restaurant review at "Stilettos Diary".

George Bernard Shaw once said-“There is no love sincerer than the love of food”. I totally agree. I am no food expert. I simply enjoy eating food. To me eating food is a ritual, I absolutely love to savor in different flavors and be lost momentary in my own world. I have always been a sucker for good Thai food. Among all the places I have tried, the only restaurant which has managed to satisfy my taste buds is Benjarong. Given a chance I want to backpack across Thailand exploring the exotic and gustatory attractions the city has to offer. Unfortunately, with my work commitments all I can manage right now is trip to Ulsoor Road and reliving a Thai experience at Benjarong.

With dim lighting and not so loud music, the ambiance of Benjarong welcomes you to a culinary feast. I usually snuggle myself in a corner of the restaurant to have some downtime from the hustle bustle of the city and catch up on reading.

My food journey starts with MIAN KHUM, mix of lettuce with onion, roasted peanuts and coconut, red chillies (never add two of them! Unless you want smoke coming out of your ears), ginger and jaggery sauce. The fresh lettuce adds the required crunch and the jaggery sauce mixed with ginger and red chillies adds the extra punch to the starter.

Next stop was KHAO POD TOD NAMPRIK POW (KPTNP). KPTNP is nothing but baby-corn toasted with roasted chilli paste and served on rice tartlets. If you are going to Benjarong you must try this. The chef knows his way with starters. The minced baby-corn is fried to perfection and rice tartlet adds the required crunch. I kept re-enacting in Gollum's voice "my precious" and munched almost the entire starter. My poor photographer Murali was speechless looking at me.

For Main course I ordered, KAENG KEOW WHAN PHAK. It is nothing but Thai green curry with vegetables served with Jasmine Rice. I am not a huge fan of Thai red curry, but green curry is a gustatory adventure. It is on the spicy side. I needed several tissues before I could finish the main course. Nevertheless, spicy food is something I enjoy and I have no complains. The rice was perfect, the gravy was consistent and had right amount of zing.

I ended my meal with AITIM TOD. Usually, the main course and starters fill my stomach that until today I had never ordered desserts in Benjarong. But AITIM TOD, tempted me to try it out. It is nothing but fried ice-cream (Imagine the calories). I am still wondering how it is prepared. Nevertheless, eating it is a big problem I faced. If I cut it into two halves, the ice-cream melts and the flavor is gone and gulping it down is a huge task!

In short, I enjoyed my 3 hours at Benjarong (that is how long I took to finish my meal). Great ambiance and authentic Thai food. So, if you haven't been to Benjarong yet, I suggest you get on a Tuk - Tuk and head to Ulsoor road pronto! If you have been to Benjarong, tell me other must try items. The next time I go to Benjarong, I will definitely try it out. Do let me know what you think of the new addition to Stilettos diary.

VALUE FOR MONEY: Cost for two is about Rs. 2000 which I feel is bit on higher side.
ADDRESS: 1/3, Ulsoor Road, Near Manipal Centre, Ulsoor, Bengaluru, Karnataka, 500009, Ulsoor Rd, Hanumanthappa Layout, Sivanchetti Gardens, Bangalore, Karnataka 560001

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Time and tide wait for no man.

Recently, Daniel Wellington PR team contacted me to review of Daniel Wellington watches. Daniel Wellington's approach to style is minimal, timeless pieces that are suitable for all occasions combined with ethos that Stilettos Diary preaches and adheres- fashionable and functional. Most of the watches from their collection represent classic styles which are suitable for every occasion. Regardless if you’re attending a black tie event, playing a game of tennis or enjoying a sunny day at the beach club– the Daniel Wellington is a beautiful companion. Not only that, but with interchangeable straps you can have a different watch for every day of the week. The story behind Daniel Wellington origins embarks on the point that great ideas come when you least expect it.(Do read the history here)

After going through the catalog, I fell in love with the Classic St. Andrew lady watch(buy here). It is such a classic piece, I can wear it with Indian outfits, formals, semi formals and causal outfits(Basically, with any style!). The tan nato leather strap gives the watch a very sophisticated touch. Apart from Classic St. Andrew my favorites are "CLASSIC SHEFFIELD LADY", "CLASSIC SOUTHAMPTON LADY" and "CLASSIC WINCHESTER LADY".

Finally, I would like to say thank you for all the sweet messages you guys flooded my inbox with and the kind words about my last blog post. Forgive me for not responding to all your emails and messages. Only yesterday I finished reading some 150 odd emails. Wish all of you a very happy Ganesh Chaturthi. Plus sneak peek of the first food review blog post coming this week. Can you guess which restaurant it is? (Nope, I din't manage to gulp the dessert down! Why those crazy eyes? I never share my desserts! he he..)

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