Through the Years..


Two years! Well the first thought that comes to mind is "Damn! I can't believe it has been two years!" I remember starting out the blog thinking (hoping) people will enjoy reading my thoughts and style ideas. Initially, I remember struggling to make people understand how important the blog was to me. Smiling to the endless notes of criticism, coming back home from work and staying awake late in the night thinking of new concepts to blog about. Irrespective of anything, I kept on going and I can't believe my baby is two years old!! I am feeling so overwhelmed remembering the swirl of memories associated with the blog (Sleepless nights, the fights, the laughter, waking up after two hours of sleep and looking like a zombie!) I cherish every single moment I spent writing, styling and posing for this blog.

The best part about the blog anniversary was celebrating it with my friends who supported me throughout! I have to thank a lot of people, but foremost my mother. Her enthusiasm, support and kind words nurtured me to do better. Secondly, Vignesh who initially helped me start blogging. If he hadn't believed in me, the blog would not have existed. Murali who's amazing photography skills never fails to impress me. Monish and Sahana for being pillars in reaching new heights and helping me expand new horizons with the blog. My sister Prajwala, for relentlessly sharing my blog links to all her friends. (Sisters are the best!)

My friend Narendra for giving me valuable advice and guiding me. Lakshmi and Shreya for sharing my enthusiasm and encouraging me. Jyothsna, Vedashree, Deepthi and Jayanthi for their valuable inputs. Jose for being the biggest support system. Madhusudan, who put up with my silly coding questions and helped me every step of the way. Akshita and Namita my two blogger friends whom I met thanks to this blog. Thank you for all the feedback, love and support. Pulkit for his eccentric way of encouraging me. Sneha, Moni, Shruti, Mandeep and Anubhav for joining me and celebrating this special day. Lastly, all of you for reading my blog, sharing your thoughts and putting up with my extremely slow responses. Thank you so much for being a part of this wonderful two years. Thank you for reading and cherishing my small blog and making it so memorable. Thank you for being a part of all the highs and lows. Thank you for taking your valuable time out and letting me be a small part of your world through this blog.

Before I forget, huge thanks to TOP 10 OF ASIA magazine for making my dreams come true! (More on it in the coming blog post. I can't wait to share the great news).

Photos thanks to Monish Shanmugam Photography


Dress - c/o Rooja.com (Buy here)
Heels - c/o MartofChina (Buy here)
Bag - c/o MartofChina (Buy here)
Watch - ALDO c/o Majorbrands.in
Fake diamond earrings - c/o Romwe.com (Buy here)

Loads of love,

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