Love Long Hair - First Review

Hi Everyone. I had fun shooting with my cousin sister for Love Long Hair project. My sister, Prajwala has been using the shampoo and conditioner from past one week and must say we both have noticed positive changes to her hair. Her hair is much healthier. The shampoo and conditioner has given a nice bounce and shine to her hair. Her hair is much softer and less frizzy. She did notice a bit of hair fall during conditioning. Apart from that one complaint she is super excited about the Long Love Hair products and she cannot wait for the grand reveal of the products. I must say, my sister is hardly impressed with new products and rarely experiments, but I was shocked to see her enthusiasm and response to the products. I have also used the products and will be sharing my thoughts about the products soon.

Watch out my blog space for the grand reveal of the Love Long Hair product.

Photos thanks to Monish Shanmugam Photography

Loads of love,

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