Road Trip with Tommy Hilfiger

Hey Everyone!
This week, I am collaborating with Tommy Hilfiger! Tommy Hilfiger recently launched new collection of summer watches. Needless to say, the collection embraces classic lifestyle, confidence and elegance. For a really long time I have been fascinated to add a white watch to my collection. I absolutely fell in love with the watch, the elegant stripes adds a sporty yet sophisticated look. I have fallen head over heels with the new summer collection. You will definitely see more statement pieces from the collection in upcoming blog posts.

I recently read an article about how women are going into depression thanks to Pinterest and photo log depicting perfect lifestyle, perfect body, perfect hair. Pinterest depression is basically feeling like you can never be good enough. That got me thinking that we spend most of our life running after perfection that we forget to embrace what we have. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy seeing the perfect photos, but honestly that is not my reality. Today's blogpost is all about embracing oneself! This is me without make up, messy hair right out after taking a bath without any hair products and hair setting, wearing simple jeans, shirt and sneakers. So all those women out there - be bold and embrace oneself!


Shirt - ZARA India (Sale grab for Rs. 1200)
Jeans - ZARA India (Sale grab for Rs. 1760)
Shoes - Adidas (Sale grab for Rs.1500)
Sunglasses - C/o Romwe.com (Buy here)
Watch - C/o Tommy Hilfiger (Buy here)
Green Leather jacket - C/o Front row shop (Buy here)
P.S Photos thanks to my sister
P.P.S Photos taken during my recent road trip to Nandi hills with my crazy cousins.

Loads of love,

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