Must have Fashion App - Voonik

My friend Sheetal recently introduced me to this app called Voonik. A lot of my favorite online shops offer mobile shopping but rarely I have had a good experience. Whom am I kidding, until today I have never had any pleasant experience via mobile shopping. One of the main reasons is unstable application. Moreover, none of the companies have a comprehensive mobile app which actually provides personal shopping experience.

Honestly, when I came to know about Voonik, I was shocked and impressed. Given a chance we would love a shopping experience with a stylist advising every step of the way! What I love about the app is the style quiz. Style quiz has questions which gauge your body type, skin tone, likes, dislikes and personal shopping preferences. Based on the results it prompts products which suit your style and body.

With every search you have a personal stylist providing snippets of style advice. The products are not limited to one website. You can find items from myntra, jabong, flipkart and piled up in one app. You can even compare the price of products among the websites and chose whichever is the lowest. To make life easier you can shop from multiple stores via a single shopping cart.Apart from this, they have a dedicated section with promotional codes you can redeem.

I think this is one of the must have app on your cell phone ladies! You can create a lust list of products and shop whenever you want. A stylist at your beck and call. What more do we need? Our one stop fashion guide to shopping! Download app here.

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