How to Color your Hair With L'oreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss

Hi everyone. I hope you got a chance to check which color I opted for in the previous "SAY YES TO COLOR" blog post( Read here, buy hair color here). I am back with step by step tutorial to color curly hair for the first time. The most basic step for any newbies is to take an Allergy test.

After I took the allergy test, I realized I did not have any severe reaction to hair color except for a little discomfort. This is normal for me, because I have sensitive skin and it tends to react to extremely minute changes. Nevertheless, I consulted my friend who is a colorist expert plus hair salon owner and my doctor. After getting a go ahead from both of them, I took the help my friend to color my hair. With L'oreal Paris Casting Creme, it is very easy to color it at home (my mom applies it regularly at home). Casting Creme Gloss is a do it yourself hair colour which means that if you are going global you didn't necessarily need to go to salon! It simple to colour your hair at home in just 20 mins! But to be on a safer side, I preferred to have an expert next to me. My friend came up with an excellent hack of using aluminium foil to do global hair coloring. Unlike the most common belief that aluminum foil can be used only for highlighting. It is actually a great trick to avoid any unnecessary complications.

NOTE : If you have any reaction to hair color, request you to consult your doctor immediately.

I prefer to wash my hair before coloring.

As you can notice, I have thick curly hair. It is very difficult to make proper sections without drying my hair. Moreover, I get severe migraine if I leave my hair wet for more than five minutes. So it is extremely important to dry my hair. You must be wondering how can I color without mildly wetting my hair? I have a hack for that as well. Check out the last step for it.

Brush your curly hair to untangle it. Now make proper sections. This is very crucial to get all over coverage. Divide your hair into three or four even quadrants and secure it with alligator clips.

Use a mixing bowl and brush instead of bottles. This gives better control when applying the hair color. Mix the casting creme and developer and set it aside.

Now for the most awaited hack. Take a section of your hair, use an aluminium foil strip underneath the section of hair. Ensure the color just touches the root and not the scalp. This prevents the scalp from reacting and aluminium foil strip acts as a great barrier. The strip helps in avoiding the color mix contact with the scalp. Mildly wet the section of hair by spraying water. Apply the hair color mixture and fold the aluminium foil. Repeat the same for your entire hair. Though this process is cumbersome but it is a great way to color your hair if you have a sensitive scalp. By mildly wetting my hair section by section, I could avoid the heaviness of wet hair and managed the whole hair coloring process migraine free!

Keep the color undisturbed for about twenty minutes. Keeping a timer is best solution. After twenty minutes, remove the aluminium foil carefully and rinse your mane properly with lukewarm water to avoid any residue. Apply a good amount of the Nutri-Shine Shampoo Conditioner, which came with the box. Let it work its magic for about three to four minutes. Rinse your hair again with lukewarm water. I usually let my hair air dry and then set it using serum.

You must be wondering where is the before and after photos. Well watch out this space for Khoobsurat unveiling of my colored hair! Until next time..

Loads of love,

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