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I always believed that a statement watch can make a lot of difference to any outfit. Therefore it is very important for me to choose the right watch with all of my outfits. Over the years, I realized the importance of having a collection of "timeless pieces". I basically believe in having 4 types of watches in my wardrobe.

1. Every day watch : If you work in a corporate environment it is important to have a polished, professional and sensible watch to compliment every day needs. I prefer to opt for analog watch than a digital watch. Somehow, digital watches does not scream professional. I prefer metal band option than leather mainly because metal band option is more durable.

2. Weekend watch : For me, a weekend watch is one which is durable, rugged and utilitarian. I prefer a budget friendly watch which is water resistant. Great for hiking, trips and adventure activity. These also look great with casual outfit and add a sporty zing to any outfit. For me, Fastrack has the best weekend watches which are available at pocket friendly prices.

3. Luxury watch : Being in a client facing role, it is extremely important for me to look prim and proper every time I head out to a meeting. I needed a watch which was a timeless classic. Therefore, I invested in a Michael Kors watch.

4. Fourth watch : We women do need some bling factor even in our watches. An oversized rose gold/ gold metallic watch which can work as a transition piece for Indian and western clothes is a must have! Moreover, we can add some funky bracelets with these watches to create interesting arm candy.

Be it an everyday, weekend, luxury or fourth watch, Fastrack has some amazing collection to suit all your needs. Check out Fastrack watches available at watchkart.com. Don't forget to check out Watchkart for some timeless beauties!

Do let me know according to you which are the must have types of watches in your wardrobe!

Loads of love,

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