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I came across a very interesting couponing website other day. Never have I seen a coupon site with an interesting web layout. Alas! Shop Pirate is an amazing couponing website which lets you loot discounts! I am constantly searching for coupons to get better deals on branded products until today I had never found any website which made couponing a fun activity like Shop pirate has! I am impressed with the attention to detail and innovative way to make couponing fun!

I really like the idea of calling deals the "Black Pearls". The website reminded me of Pirates of Caribbean and Once Upon a Time (I am a huge Captain Hook fan!)

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You can also find plethora of beauty and wellness coupons at Shop Pirate. I am really glad the website has aseparate section for wellness product. Considering the fact it is considered a taboo to talk about it in India, it is great to see websites not shying away. Don't forget to check out Shop Pirate Coupons , your one stop Pirate pit shop to loot discount coupons!



Khoobsurat Moment with L'Oréal Paris

I had amazing fun collaborating with L'Oréal Paris for the past one month. Alas! Everything good comes to an end. Sharing the last time my Khoobsurat moment in association with L'Oréal Paris. These photos were taken last week when I gifted my mom a car (Glimpses of it in the photos) for her birthday! By far has been the most Khoobsurat moment was seeing her super happy and surprised. I kept my outfit simple for the occasion, wearing black maxi skirt with tank top and denim vest. Completed the outfit with statement sunglasses, arm candy and of course my new obsession Michael Kors watch. My personal favorite part of the outfit is my new awesome colored hair. The Casting Creme Gloss shade adds dimension to my hair and makes it vibrant and fun. The best part and contrary to popular belief - I was able to get professionally colored hair at home in 20 minutes!

Thank you everyone for all the amazing entries for L'Oréal Paris contests! The winners of are as follows:

1. Facebook/ Instagram Contest Winner is Saachi Garg
2. Twitter Contest Winner is Mahek
3. Trend Sourcing Contest is Shilpa Bindlish

Congrats ! All winners chosen by L'Oréal Paris and Stilettos diary are final! Please drop an email to stilettosdiary@gmail.com within next 48 hours to claim your hampers.

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P.P. S Photos thanks to my cousin sister Prajwala Jayaram.


Tank top - C/o Lovelyshoes.net (Buy here)
Maxi Skirt - Borrowed from friend. Similar available at Romwe.com (Buy here)
Denim Vest - C/o Oasap
Bracelets - C/o Romwe.com (Buy here)
Sunglasses - C/o Vero Moda India
Belt - Gift (Similar available at Romwe.com Buy here)
Heels - Steve Madden India (Old)
Bag - Tibetan Plaza (Bought it for Rs. 700)
Watch - Michael Kors India

Loads of Love,



Trendsourcing contest ‐ Win L'Oreal Paris Goodies

Thank you so much for your entries for Khoobsurat moments. I will be announcing the winners of all L'Oreal Paris contest winners on 22nd September around 9 p.m. IST. Here's a chance to win a some more goodies from L'Oreal Paris. L'Oreal Paris has just launched their first exclusive Say Yes to Colour store on Flipkart. Click here

How you could win the hamper?

Casting Crème Gloss has 3 luscious, rich chocolate shades and every shade boasts of a distinct personality that we all can identify with. Based on these shades, they have created looks & every girl can find herself in one of them!

1. Iced Diva – She is bold, She is stylish and she shimmers brighter with every step. She loves a Saturday night out or a lavish shopping spree with her girl friends. Jet Black dresses, stilettos are her absolute favourite! Is that you? Click here

2. Chocolate Chic- A traveller, a wanderer, a dreamer is what defines Chocolate Chic. She is spontaneous & loves an occasional long walk on the beach and dresses wild and free with crop tops, harem pants and bold jewellery. Click here

3. For Golden Goddess - She is poised, she is elegant, she is classy, she is perfect! Your girl next door with a gorgeous smile and a sense of style. Golden Goddess loves her Sunday brunches and quiet dinner dates. She wears timeless colours and shines with the exuberance of Gold. Click here

All you have to do is tell me which one personality that matches with yours the best? Are you the Iced Diva, or a traveler like Chocolate Chic or Golden goddess who’s poised and perfect! Why that personality matches with yours and you must share the link of the best item you liked in the personality’s store on Flipkart. Start commenting now!

The person with the best answer wins a hamper! Contest ends on 22nd September at 7 p.m. IST

Loads of Love,



White Paradise

Continuing my ritual of sharing more Khoobsurat moments in association with L'Oréal Paris. Recently, Kelly Services hosted an event which had the creme de la of the IT business world coming together for an informative session. I wanted an outfit which was simple, stylish with a modern twist to formal wear. Most people do not associate lace with formal outfits, nevertheless if done right lace can be a wonderful addition to formal wardrobe. I experimented with beige and white combination. I paired white lace top with beige lace skirt. Completed the look with white blazer and beige peep toe kitten heels. I felt the outfit need a bit of sparkle, so added a subtle crystal necklace as only statement piece. Of course, no outfit is complete without awesome hair. The Casting Creme Gloss shade adds dimension to my hair and makes it vibrant and fun. The best part and contrary to popular belief - I was able to get professionally colored hair at home in 20 minutes!

Though the event was quite successful, the highlight of the evening for me were the compliments I received for my hair. A lot of people loved the color and took details down to go try L'Oréal Paris Casting Creme Gloss at home. A lot of them were shocked that my hair is so soft, despite coloring my hair. Great evening spent with my amazing colleagues at work. Got to learn new concepts, meet great minds from the industry and of course enjoyed the delicious food at Leela Palace.

I have been sharing my Khoobsurat Moments, share your Khoobsurat moment and win amazing goodies from L'Oréal Paris. Participate now! (Click here)

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P.P. S Photos thanks to my awesome friend Susan Namratha.


Lace top - C/o Romwe.com (Buy here)
Lace Skirt - C/o Romwe.com (Buy here)
White Blazer - ZARA India ( Bought it recently during ZARA Sale for Rs.2990)
Necklace - ZARA India ( Old, Bought it during ZARA Sale for Rs.700)
Sunglasses - C/o Oasap
Heels - Borrowed from Friend. Available at MAX Stores on sale for Rs.700

Loads of Love,



L'Oréal Paris Giveaway - Share your Khoobsurat Moments

Now that I have Said Yes to Colour and coloured my hair with Casting Creme Gloss. I have experienced Khoobsurat Moments (Read here, here, here and here). I'm sure you have too! Participate and share them to win!
How to participate? You can enter on Facebook or Instagram, or both!

To enter on Facebook:

1. Like Your Stilettos Diary and L’Oreal Paris India on Facebook.
2. Upload an image of your Khoobsurat Moment on Facebook Contest Post – Click Here and share your story in a few words.

To enter on Instagram:

1. Follow Your Stilettos Diary and L’Oreal Paris India on Instagram
2. Share your Khoobsurat Moment image on my Instagram Contest Post – Click Here, and tag @Stilettosdiary and @lorealparisin
3. Use these hashtags #stilettosdiary #mykhoobsuratmoment
4. Tag any number of friends in your comment on Instagram Contest Post – Click Here

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Contest Rules:

Contest valid only in India
Contest ends September 20th, 2014 at 7pm



Khoobsurat Moment with L'Oréal Paris

With my hectic schedule which seems to be going out of control from past 3 weeks, for me Khoobsurat moments are even the smallest happiness of escaping from reality and catching up with my cousin sister for a cup of hot chocolate (I am not a coffee person) and obsessing over my new Tommy Hilfiger watch. Never in the history of my life I have had random people coming up to me and complimenting me about my hair! Somehow from the past 2 weeks, my color seems to be drawing more attention that my outfits. I did have few random people coming up to me at Starbucks and asking me what color I have applied to my hair. The Casting Creme Gloss shade beautifully compliments my natural hair color. The best part and contrary to popular belief - I was able to get professionally colored hair at home in 20 minutes!

So recently, me and sister went to explore the newly opened Starbucks at Orion Mall. Sister bonding time culminated with few fun hours taking bucket loads of selfies and catching up on all the things happening in both of our lives. Mind you, my sister is all grown up and has started working now. It was fun listening to her perspective about work, the funny events that happen at work, the goof ups she made at work. It was deja vu of my first week of work. Post all the hysterical laughter and catching up, we hit the saloons for a manicure. The day ended with amazing lunch and of course no outing is complete for both of us without some mouth watering desserts. But the highlight has certainly been my gorgeous, glossy hair and all the attention it garnered!

P.S Do try some of the hottest hair trend ideas on my coloured hair at Get The Look.
P.P. S Photos thanks to my awesome cousin sister Prajwala Jayaram.

Loads of Love,



Khoobsurat Moment with L'Oréal Paris

Celebrating more Khoobsurat moments in association with L'Oréal Paris. Usually the most irritating part whenever I go out is getting my hair right! But of late I am seeing a lot of changes after coloring my hair. My hair is actually soft even after coloring and I am loving each curly color strand. The Casting Creme Gloss shade beautifully compliments my natural hair color. The best part and contrary to popular belief - I was able to do this at home in 20 minutes! These photos are taken during my recent office team dinner to the Glasshouse. Girls if you want to go on a romantic date then I suggest this place. The food is ordinary but the ambience of the place makes it a one time visit. Non vegetarians would love the few appetisers but the best is served at the end in the form of mouth watering desserts. I absolutely loved the shoe chocolate on display (See here). All in all, it is a paradise for a romantic date to floor your women with some mouth watering desserts.
I wanted my outfit to be very comfortable and stylish for dinner. I opted for a simple tulip skirt finish dress. I was completely in a color mood that day so I opted for red heels, orange lips, quirky clutch and statement watch to complete my outfit. All in all, . I hope you liked my Khoobsurat moment, I cannot wait to hear about your Khoobsurat moments. Kick-starting a new contest with L'Oréal Paris tomorrow. Until then stay tuned! Also do try some of the hottest hair trend ideas on my coloured hair at Get The Look.


Dress C/o Romwe.com (Buy here)
Belt C/o Youshine.in (Buy here)
Sling bag C/o Rooja.in (Buy here)
Heels C/o Oasap
Watch - Michael Kors (Gift)

Loads of love,