Khoobsurat Moment with L'Oréal Paris

With my hectic schedule which seems to be going out of control from past 3 weeks, for me Khoobsurat moments are even the smallest happiness of escaping from reality and catching up with my cousin sister for a cup of hot chocolate (I am not a coffee person) and obsessing over my new Tommy Hilfiger watch. Never in the history of my life I have had random people coming up to me and complimenting me about my hair! Somehow from the past 2 weeks, my color seems to be drawing more attention that my outfits. I did have few random people coming up to me at Starbucks and asking me what color I have applied to my hair. The Casting Creme Gloss shade beautifully compliments my natural hair color. The best part and contrary to popular belief - I was able to get professionally colored hair at home in 20 minutes!

So recently, me and sister went to explore the newly opened Starbucks at Orion Mall. Sister bonding time culminated with few fun hours taking bucket loads of selfies and catching up on all the things happening in both of our lives. Mind you, my sister is all grown up and has started working now. It was fun listening to her perspective about work, the funny events that happen at work, the goof ups she made at work. It was deja vu of my first week of work. Post all the hysterical laughter and catching up, we hit the saloons for a manicure. The day ended with amazing lunch and of course no outing is complete for both of us without some mouth watering desserts. But the highlight has certainly been my gorgeous, glossy hair and all the attention it garnered!

P.S Do try some of the hottest hair trend ideas on my coloured hair at Get The Look.
P.P. S Photos thanks to my awesome cousin sister Prajwala Jayaram.

Loads of Love,

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