Infallible Me!

I remember reading a quote by Gwyneth Paltrow which goes something like this “Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick.” The latter part struck a chord with me. A social experiment conducted on women recently, proved that even on bad days, lipsticks can empower woman. I know you must be wondering how a simple thing of putting on lipstick can make a big difference? Well, I am one of the person who vouches that a lipstick can brighten up your day. I refuse to walk out of my house without a bright tinge on my lips which makes me feel invincible and glamorous.

Recently, L'Oreal Paris launched 15 gorgeous shades of Infallible lipstick. They generously sent me six shades of these ultimate beauty indulgences to review. To me, it is important that my lipstick last from morning coffee to evening wine and the new range of L'Oreal Paris infallible lipstick passes the test with flying colors. Not only lipstick lasts for 10 hours but also provides high definition color whilst keeping my lips moist and relaxed. I also love the glossy finish. Every morning, the lip color which transcends on my lips is defined by my mood and occasion. Check out my infallible life in association with L'Oreal Paris.

Occasion : Meeting friends, My goto Lipstick shade : L'Oreal Paris Charismatic Coral shade #421 (Buy here)

Occasion : I really do not need ocasion to wear red lipstick. As they say, when in doubt put on some red lipstick! My goto Lipstick shade : L'Oreal Paris Ravishing Red shade #312 (Buy here)

Occasion : Hanging out with cousins, My goto Lipstick shade : L'Oreal Paris Resilient Raisin shade #829 (Buy here)

Occasion : Lounging around and posing, My goto Lipstick shade : L'Oreal Paris Always Apricot shade #425 (Buy here)

Occasion : Wedding Shenanigans!, My goto Lipstick shade : L'Oreal Paris Forever Fuschia shade #138 (Buy here)

Photos thanks to Prajwala Jayaram

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