Stilettos Diary for Fastrack India

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I am back with a new blogpost. The 70's fashion of bell bottoms and retro shades are back in business! Though I have never been fan of bell bottoms, but retro shades are one trend I personally love and I like incorporating them with my causal daily wear outfits. Knowing my love for retro shades Fastrack sent me these lovely shades. I love the brown lenses with a brown tortoise shell print frame. The oversized frame is added advantage. The versatility and trendiness of these shades helps you accessorize any kind of outfit perfectly.

I always had a soft corner for Men inspired watch. This sporty, silicon strapped timepiece for guys with a rectangular dial is another favourite of mine from Fastrack’s latest collection of digital watches. Seamless and minimalistic, one can’t go wrong with this particular piece. The new collection of Fastrack offers across multiple technology platforms. Users cam pick whichever application suits them the best. This versatile and vibrant collection of watches has something to offer for everybody!Don't forget to check out Fastrack stores across India.


Watch - C/O Fastrack (Cost Rs. 2195)
Sunglasses - C/O Fastrack (Cost Rs. 2195)
Heels - ZARA
Photos thanks to Prajwala Jayaram

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Summer = Sunglasses

The best accessory a woman can have during summer is sunglasses. Most people tend to ignore sunglasses, but it is extremely important to wear them especially during summer. What is the importance of wearing sunglasses during summer?

1. In summer, the UV radiation is three times more than winter. UV radiation causes eye problems such as cataract, AMD. Sunglasses will protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.
2. Wearing sunglasses helps protect your eyes from wind, debris and dust.
3. If you are a contact lens user, wearing sunglasses is a must. It will help keep the lens moist by reducing the rate of evaporation of tears
4. If you suffer from frequent headaches and eyes strain, then wearing sunglasses will help reduce both by controlling the amount of light reaching the sensitive retina.

Lenskart is organising India's biggest sunglasses carnival from 28th March to 31st March with more than 5,000 sunglasses are on attractive discounts including all top brands. Perfect timing to add on to your sunglasses collection. Do not forget to check out Lenskart Sunglasses carnival!