Gillette Venus Event and Blogger Challenge

Recently, Gillette Venus hosted an event at the Oberoi Hotel, Bangalore to educate women on shaving and to debunk some shaving myths. The occasion was graced by renowned aesthetic physician Dr. Rashmi Shetty and Kannada film actress Radhika Pandit.

Let me first admit, I am one of those girls who runs to my Gillette Satin care razor to get quick shave every time I need to head out to any functions or meetings. Keeping in mind, my love for skirts, it is practically impossible to run to salon. Moreover, it is extremely painful to get waxing done and every time I tend to procrastinate my waxing trips to salons.

The event was extremely useful to me to understand more about shaving and also the benefits of shaving. At this unique panel discussion Radhika and Dr. Shetty vouched that shaving is the most hassle free and painless method of female hair removal. As part of this discussion, Radhika also revealed her beauty secrets and inspired women to enjoy the freedom of choice with the convenience of grooming products like the Venus razors. The best part of the event for me was, post discussion I was able to have a one-on-one session with Dr. Rashmi Shetty to ask any personal questions related to shaving and skin regime to be used before and after shaving.

To make the event interesting, the bloggers were asked to take the #SubscribeToSmooth Challenge and bust the myths related to shaving. For next 30 days, I would be using the newly launched Gillette Venus razor and sharing my experience. If you have any questions related to shaving, please feel free to reach out to me via any social media with your queries and doubts. I will be answering them during the subsequent blog posts in my #SubscribeToSmooth challenge. It would be great if you can take up the challenge with me!

To take up the challenge, Gillette Venus sent me all in one Gillette Venus shaving kit with the razor, a pack of shaving cartridges and Satin Care Shave Gel. I have been told that it is a revolutionary product, which gives an ultra-close shave for a smoother skin with its three curve hugging blades feature. Its contour non-slip handle is designed especially for women for great grip and control even in wet and soapy environments. Venus razors also have an indicator lubricator strip with Aloe and Vitamin E which fade when you are no longer getting the optimal Venus experience. After hearing about the product, I am super excited to take up the #SubscribeToSmooth challenge.

Keep tuning into my blog and my updates on #SubscribeToSmooth challenge. Alas! If there are bloggers there had to be loads of selfies! I had a great time meeting some amazing Bangalore bloggers. Thank you Gillette and Bangalore blogger entourage for making this both educative and fun event.

Don't forget to share those queries! For more questions about shaving you can also refer to Gillette Venus’s app

Loads of love,

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