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I am someone who does not believe in gem therapy or astrology, but I landed bumping into one person with whom I had an interesting conversation.

Apparently, astrological and planetary gem therapy solutions are part of our vast ancient Indian wisdom that has been passed on from our ancients through the Vedas but lost in the fabric of time and the age of modern consumerism. The commercialization of the ancient Vedic knowledge has left a sour taste in minds of most people.

A quick Tête-à-tête with Abhijita, got me thinking about how information is usually lost in the commercialization of the business. Bringing back the deep insights that can touch a life to heal, nurture and rectify is Abhijita, who combines her diverse experiences to bring alive the precepts and bring about lasting changes in the lives of people she meets.

This is what she had to say:

1. From Journalism,freelance writing HR related articles to gem therapist, Abhijita you have donned multiple hats. What made you to shift and explore?

A : It was a serendipitous shift actually. Writing has always been a passion and that is something I continued with, even during that period. I had been taught and trained in Vedic astrology quite some time ago, but hadn't considered making a career of it. Seeing lives change for the positive on a daily basis at Astromandir and Gemstoneuniverse made me pick up this sacred science full time. A few astrological sessions with clients were enough to reveal that this was the path and purpose.

The power of planetary gem therapy is phenomenal and the way it helps people in overcoming all kinds of issues, somewhere made me commit to this path as it’s a powerful change driver.

2. My grandma always said diamonds were unlucky for her, I am bit curious how the gemstones can add luck to any person.

A : I'm sure she was very perceptive and there is a lot of truth to her observation. Every individual is a complex energy system. While some energies serves the individual well - for instance wisdom, intellect, self-love, compassion, joy etc.; there are several others that pose challenges - these could be energies of greed, fear, insecurity, jealousy etc.

Every individual has a complex mix of positive as well as limiting energies within them. Jyotish Gemstones that are natural and untreated are rare, precious and durable packets of pure energy that have informed over hundreds and millions of years. For instance, it has taken over a billion years, at least for diamonds to form!

Imagine the amount of concentration of pure single powerful energy residing in a gemstone – whether it is a diamond or a ruby, a sapphire or an emerald - that has lain dormant for such a long time in the world of the earth witnessing time and history.

Gemstones are the memory keepers of time. A person's birth chart is the best marker indicating an individual's energy make up and which gemstones would be suitable and the ones that should be best avoided.When an individual wears a suitable gemstone it can work wonders in all aspects of life.

Once the individual’s energies are brought to an optimum level, the law of attraction naturally kicks in bringing better and fortunate people, events and episodes to him/her, who is now functioning on a higher vibration!

3. I read a couple of articles of yours, I think my readers would be curious how gem therapy can help them cure certain diseases.

A : As I mentioned earlier, individuals in their lowest common denominator are nothing but energy rich biomolecules. And energy does and will interact with any other energy it comes in contact with. When an individual wears the suitable gemstone, the energy of the gemstone offsets the deficit and creates optimal health conditions.

Dr. Stephen Hawking has said that future of medicine depends on treatments based on Light and Colour and that is exactly what Gemstones do - Heal with light and colour but what is important is accurate diagnosis after checking multiple permutations and combinations in the horoscope and use of only treatment free natural gemstones that are free from doshas (flaws) as mentioned in the sacred texts.

Energy is always in constant motion whether it is negative or positive. When an individual encounters negative emotions and freezes, it sets off a process of where one blocks those emotions within one's body creating disease. Energy of the gemstone helps dissolve the blocks, creates greater awareness and helps break away from unhealthy patterns.

4. I am truly fascinated by some of your artwork. Can you share your favourites and story behind your artworks?

A : I am quite a learning oriented person and do not put a limit to who I can learn from and what I can learn. There has always been a great gravitation towards the arts and literature. The artsy exploration has been a result of letting loose with colours, possibly inspired by the rich and colorful gemstones I work with.
I know inherently that color is therapeutic…in any which way and so the practice. I am just a beginner right now and I hope I can continue to simply enjoy the paint dripping down my fingers.

5. Apart from donning multiple hats, my readers would like to know what you like to do in free time.

A : I do like to read and it's never enough. Even as I this, there are several books, in several genres lying in varied stages of unfinished reading. Sometimes all I like to do when I do get the luxury of free time is to sit doing nothing. Believe me, doing nothing is the hardest task in the world! Lasts for a very short while but it's almost meditative and incredibly refreshing.

An accomplished scholar and a certified NLP Practitioner, the soft spoken Abhijita merges her knowledge of stars, planets, gems and the intrinsic nature of the person to derive a solution that is uniquely suited to the individual. Please feel free to reach out to her!

Abhijita Kulshrestha is the Director, Astrologer and Planetary Gem Advisor at Gemstoneuniverse-The world’s leading authority to Buy Gemstones Online. An Accredited Jewelry Professional from GIA-The global authority on Gemology, Abhijita is also an NLP practitioner certified by NFNLP, Florida.

Loads of Love,

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