Busting Shaving Myths with Gillette Venus - Series 1

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Remember, I had taken up #SubscribeToSmooth blogger challenge? Well time to spill the beans about how the challenge is going on. For someone who hates waxing and dreads going to the salon, I am pretty much enjoying the non painful method of hair removal.

Last few days, before shaving I have been using the Gillette Satin Sensitive Skin shave gel. It is leaving my skin so soft and supple that I sometimes wonder if it is my skin. The gel contains Aloe Vera which is doing wonders. Unlike my previous notion, which existed a few years ago, shaving does not leave your skin dry and flaky. During my college days, I did experience dry and flaky skin post shaving but it turned out that the shaving process I followed was completely incorrect.

I generally used to shave dry without dampening my legs. This is a big no! First, you need to soak your hair in the bath or shower and leave it for two to three minutes. Then, lather up with a protective shaving gel. I suggest the Gillette Satin Sensitive Skin shavegel (I am loving the softness of my skin). This step is very critical. The gel helps keep the water in the hair and makes sure that the razor glides over your skin smoothly without any potential cuts and nicks.

When shaving ensure you use a light touch and post shaving it is very important to moisturise. It helps in keeping the skin hydrated. Hydrated skin is the key to achieve glowing skin which all of us want!

Next time you feel, post shaving your skin is dry and flaky. Follow the method shared. It will definitely resolve the problem.

In this blog post, I busted the one of the most common myth about shaving "Shaving leaves skin dry and flaky". I will be back with another blog post to bust other common myth about shaving.

To get the best result out of shaving, I suggest you to pick up the All in one Gillette Venus shaving kit with the razor, a pack of shaving cartridges and Satin Care Shave Gel.

Don't forget to share those queries! For more questions about shaving you can also refer to Gillette Venus’s app

Thank you so much for reading and I will be back soon with more posts..

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