Busting Shaving Myths with Gillette Venus - Series 2

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I am back with yet another blog post to bust yet another shaving myth with Gillette Venus. Before, I go on yapping about the nuances of how great it is to shave, let me take a couple of minutes to appreciate the Gillette Venus razor. Someone who has been shaving for what seems an eternity and trying to use the normal razors, I cannot begin to comprehend how much I appreciate the protective cushions. It makes the experience less scary and more easy. The rounded head with movable blades makes it easier to remove even the smallest hair. You do not have to worry about half cut hair or unruly hair any more. Finally! a razor customized to cater to the needs of the women. I usually don't go all crazy about a product, but the razor definitely deserves the appreciation.

Moving on from my epiphany, last blog post I busted one of the most common myth "Shaving leaves skin dry and flaky". Today I am busting myth "Does shaving change skin color and texture?"

Well this seemed like my initial concern because I always felt that my hair grew thicker every time I shaved. After meeting Dr. Rashmi Shetty during the event I realised it was all in my mind. How hair grows and thickness is based on a person's genetics. You cannot change the genetics. If you have coarse hair, the hair regrowth will be coarse.

As far as your skin color changing because of shaving is something that is not possible. Let's think logically, does a man's skin become darker by shaving? I do not think I have heard any man complain until today. How does using a razor change color of your skin? Usually any myth gets evolved when we do not know to use the product correctly. To make it easier I shared the three critical steps to follow while shaving in my last blog post (Read here). Even after following the steps you still feel your skin is changing color then, I definitely suggest one should reach out to dermatologist because changes is not related to razor, but related to individual's.

To achieve the best result, request you to check out the All in one Gillette Venus shaving kit with the razor, a pack of shaving cartridges and Satin Care Shave Gel.

Don't forget to share those queries! For more questions about shaving you can also refer to Gillette Venus’s app

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