Stilettos Diary X Gillette Venus #SubscribeToSmooth Challenge

Hi Everyone! I am back with yet another blog post with Gillette Venus and an update regarding #SubscribeToSmooth challenge. I embarked on this journey a month back to better understand the nuances of shaving. I have shared my experience every week with all of you.

After my experience, I am glad to share that my preferred method of hair removal is shaving and my Gillette Venus shaving kit now literally travels with me wherever I go. The kit is extremely light weight and portable. It is complete value for money. Not only I do not have to track down parlours but also saves time required to go to any parlour and wait just to get my hair removed. The best part is anyone can do this at home any time without getting any appointment and prior training. I have never shared this with anyone, but a bit of blogger confession does no one any harm, nowadays I carry it in my bag and even use it for quick shaves before important meetings.

The most important element, contrary to popular belief it does not cause any skin damage or discolouration (Read here). It does not cause any uneven hair growth as previously established hair growth is associated with one's genetics and nothing to do with shaving. (Read here)

I hope the methods and tips (Read here & here) I have learned through my journey helped all of you. To get the best result out of shaving, I suggest that you pick up the All in one Gillette Venus shaving kit with the razor, a pack of shaving cartridges and Satin Care Shave Gel.

Don't forget to share those queries! For more questions about shaving you can also refer to Gillette Venus’s app

Loads of love,

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