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Hi Everyone!

With advent of technology, the my preferred mode of shopping has changed considerably. Honestly, nowadays I rather order clothes online than scurrying through my way in Bangalore's horrible traffic to reach the overcrowded malls and wait in long queues in trial rooms.

Every time I put up outfits which I got via online shopping, I have received many email queries regarding how do I go about shopping online, what parameters I considered before picking up any item. Today's blog post is an ode to all the shopaholics like me focusing mainly on tips for online shopping for women.

1. After browsing through the products, I usually make a wish-list of products I would like to buy. For example, I was browsing through stalkbuylove.com website and instantly liked few products. I made a list of items which would be great value add to my wardrobe.

2. Usually, my wish-list runs pages. Therefore, it was very critical for me to validate why I would want to pick up any outfit. It is very important that any item I buy can be restyled at-least for five different occasions. For example, let's consider the case of the Olive Zelda shirt dress from stalkbuylove.com.

I can wear the Olive Zelda shirt dress for a casual day by pairing it with tan flats and tasseled swing bag.

I can wear it to office by teaming it with a blazer, classic jewellery, structured bag and pointed two toned pumps.

For brunch with my girls, the shirt dress teamed up with mirrored aviators, leopard minimalistic heels and gold clutch, makes it a perfect outfit.

For a date night, I can team it up with black sequins blazer, tassel earrings, statement gold watch and nude pumps.

For blog meetings, I can pair the dress with leopard trench coat, long statement chain and statement black pointed pumps.

As you can see, the dress is very versatile and will definitely add value to wardrobe. I am 70% convinced to buy the product.

3. Last step is to check the material and fit. Being hourglass figure, fit of the dress makes all the difference. Before you place any order, you need to be aware of your measurements. I generally prefer materials made from polyester, crepe or rayon to viscose. Viscose tends to overstick to your body and I am particularly not fan of the material. When it comes to the fit of the clothes, I prefer buying items with regular fit as they tend to be true to size. For example, this Zelda Olive Shirt dress is made of woven rayon and the fit is regular.

I also check, if I have similar items in my wardrobe. I usually do not like buying items of same patterns. If an item matches the three criteria, then it is a must buy for me. This Zelda shirt dress just got added as one of the staple item for my wardrobe!

I hope these tips helped you in making your online shopping experience better. Do let me know what parameters you consider when you are online shopping for fashion. I will be doing another blog post on how to buy right fit right during online shopping fashion. So stay tuned!

Loads of love,

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