Stilettos Diary Tips to style Kurtas to work with House of Biba

For someone like me who works in the Corporate, I need to follow a dress code. My official dress codes are formal wear from Monday to Thursday and business casuals on Fridays. In India, kurtas and salwar kameez are also considered formal wear. I love wearing suits and western outfits to work but with the weather and constant travel involved, I have always found that kurtas are more comfortable option for office wear. I do have many kurtas in my wardrobe and from my personal experience, I love how comfy and yet stylish kurtas are. Today, I have partnered with House of Biba to pen down how we can style kurtas to work.

1. Kurti & Leggings : This is the simplest way to style the kurti is to pair them with leggings and statement accessories. My usual preference is to style straight cut khadi kurta or straight cut simple cotton kurta in muted colors with plain white leggings or again muted colors. This is mainly because straight cut looks professional and the muted colors make it comfortable for summer wear. Moreover, when you go for meetings, it looks classy if you style it with few statement accessories and structured bag.

2. Kurta & Palazzo : This is again a very simple way of styling the kurti, pair them with palazzo pants. They are fresh, summery and extremely comfortable. Whenever, I am styling my kurti with palazzo, I tend to experiment a bit. My first go to option is to style them with less flared palazzo pant with muted kurti and a scarf. If I am in a mood for bit of drama, then I styled layered or asymmetric kurtas with high flared palazzo pants. I cannot begin to comment how stylish and trendy these are to office. Since I am going for a bit of drama, I once again stick to muted colors and patterns. Another great way to style is to mix patterns, I usually wear these if there are any occasions at office. When I am mixing prints, I do not look for loud prints and stick to medium flared palazzo pants. I sometimes add dupatta to the outfit. This gives it a very polished and professional finish to the look.

3. Kurti & straight pants : This is my current favourite obsession! Though straight pants usually goes well with formals, I am really surprised how kurta and straight pants make a great combo to work. Let me be honest, I got this idea to style via Biba website itself and I landed up picking one of their straight sets. Then, I started picking up kurtas and styling them with straight pants. My go to styling options is to stick to monochrome colors when I am pairing kurta and straight pants. This makes the outfit look simple and more subtle for office wear. Again, if there is any occasion at work, then I add in a bit of color with dupatta.

I really hoped you liked the few styling ideas shared by me. What is your take on styling kurtas to work? If you are looking for some comfortable and trendy kurtas to add to your wardrobe, then I suggest you to check out Biba. They have some great kurta for women.

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Unlimited Summer Looks X StilettosDiary

I recently got invited by Unlimited Store for a fun morning to style UNLIMITED Summer Looks. I usually get invited to attend a lot of event, most of the time, I refuse to attend them. The few I do attend, this event by far has been the best.

A fun morning meeting fellow bloggers, CEO and designers of UNLIMITED. Good music accompanied with great food and drinks. I also got the opportunity to style one of the models.

UNLIMITED is a family fashion store, which aims to enrich the lifestyle of Indians by offering meaningful fashion at Smart Prices. It hosts array of brands such as “Excalibur”, “Geoffrey Beene”, “Cherokee”,“Ruggers”, “Colt” , “Karigari” ,”Anahi”,“Bronz” “Sugr” which has expertise in Men formal wear.

We all agree that Indian ethnic clothing is epitome of vivacity and elegance. UNLIMITED has a wide range of Ethnic wear under the brand names Karigari & Anahi. Both brands have a perfect blend of distinct style with bold and colorful ethnic prints. Karigari range includes styles that celebrate the contemporary Indian and Anahi range is adorned with exquisite embroideries for occasion wear that reflects authenticity.

Simplicity in dressing up is the key approach. Therefore, my favorite was the casual wear collection. The looks for the season carried the nautical essence, keeping in mind high importance of comfort and easy dressing. The collection reflected the shades of red, navy and white used in rustic tones.

They also have a kids collection under the brand names “Cherokee Kids”, “Donuts” & “Day to Day” which offers great variety at smart prices!

It was one of those days, I really did not feel like dressing up. I think some outfits which look amazing in-person, but inphotographs they look really badly. I think my outfit to the event was one of them. I am personally loved the outfit and it is sad I do not have a great photo of it. I also did not feel like wearing make up. Bare minimum make up and outfit put together in two minutes.

I usually do not get to style a lot of male models, but I enjoyed styling Zafar. My look was inspired by the nautical casual collection. I wanted to do a fun look that is versatile for any event. Do let me know what you think of the styling?

Until next time!

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Stilettos Diary X Gillette Venus #SubscribeToSmooth Challenge

Hi Everyone!

I am back with final blog post with Gillette Venus and sharing my final views regarding #SubscribeToSmooth challenge. I hope you enjoyed reading my reviews as much as I did posting. For few people who connected with me asking questions such as "how often I shave, Is it better than using hair removal creams, What to use after shaving". I thought I will compile my answers in this blog post.

For the first question : I shave whenever I feel the need to achieve hair free skin to go out. There is no limit and clean shaved leg makes a statement. The Gillette shaving cream helps me achieve a smoother shave and not to mention it leaves my skin soft and supple. For one of my blog post I did a quick shave to achieve phenomenal results ( Seen above in the photos).

Second question : Yes, I do find shaving better than using hair removal creams. Ultimately it is chemicals and bleach products which are present in hair removal creams. Shaving is more safer and lasts longer according to me. Every time I use hair removal creams, my hair tends to grow back faster.

Third question : I usually use a moisturiser after the shave. It keeps your skin hydrated and supple.

The most important element, contrary to popular belief it does not cause any skin damage or discolouration (Read here). It does not cause any uneven hair growth as previously established hair growth is associated with one's genetics and nothing to do with shaving. (Read here)

I hope the methods and tips (Read here & here) I have learned through my journey helped all of you. To get the best result out of shaving, I suggest that you pick up the All in one Gillette Venus shaving kit with the razor, a pack of shaving cartridges and Satin Care Shave Gel.

For more questions about shaving you can also refer to Gillette Venus’s app

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Powerpuff Girl

For someone who has been blogging for sometime now, I have seen both highs and lows of it. For me blogging has always been a creative outlet which satisfied me. It's been quite sometime that I was extremely excited about any photoshoot. On Sunday, it was one of those golden days when I used to cherish shooting. From dreaming about which location I will shoot, calling my friend Virender and asking him to shoot for me and getting ready. Every single aspect of it I enjoyed and reached my location to shoot. After all the drama, I landed up with a DSLR with no memory card. Virender who had travelled an hour and half just to shoot. Being the nice guy, he graciously shoot few photos from my iPhone.

I contemplated whether to put up these photos are not. Keeping in mind the drastic changes in how blog photos should be and with the advent of Instagram bloggers where numbers speak quality of work, than actual work. I decided to move ahead blog with these photos. This blogpost is an representation of my love for blogging.

I would like to dedicate this blogpost to all those people who supported me through the years of blogging. To my readers who believed in the quality of work and geninuely appreciated my work. I would like to thank all the photographers : Vignesh, Murali, Monish, Sahana and Dhatri who worked with me through the years. I would like to thank my mother who supported my decision to blog in her small ways and my sister Prajwala who came to my rescue when I needed help, be it as a model or as a photographer. A big thank you to Virender who was excited to take photos for my blog! I believe in life we need to appreciate the small endeavours people make. We are so busy in crafting a so-called beautiful tomorrow that we forget that the present is more important and we need to appreciate that. A big thank you to everyone who helped me. I believe a small gesture can make more difference than a grand one. A big thank you to everyone who made those small gestures. "A big Thank you"

Hope you liked the post and the styling !

Loads of love,