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For someone who has been blogging for sometime now, I have seen both highs and lows of it. For me blogging has always been a creative outlet which satisfied me. It's been quite sometime that I was extremely excited about any photoshoot. On Sunday, it was one of those golden days when I used to cherish shooting. From dreaming about which location I will shoot, calling my friend Virender and asking him to shoot for me and getting ready. Every single aspect of it I enjoyed and reached my location to shoot. After all the drama, I landed up with a DSLR with no memory card. Virender who had travelled an hour and half just to shoot. Being the nice guy, he graciously shoot few photos from my iPhone.

I contemplated whether to put up these photos are not. Keeping in mind the drastic changes in how blog photos should be and with the advent of Instagram bloggers where numbers speak quality of work, than actual work. I decided to move ahead blog with these photos. This blogpost is an representation of my love for blogging.

I would like to dedicate this blogpost to all those people who supported me through the years of blogging. To my readers who believed in the quality of work and geninuely appreciated my work. I would like to thank all the photographers : Vignesh, Murali, Monish, Sahana and Dhatri who worked with me through the years. I would like to thank my mother who supported my decision to blog in her small ways and my sister Prajwala who came to my rescue when I needed help, be it as a model or as a photographer. A big thank you to Virender who was excited to take photos for my blog! I believe in life we need to appreciate the small endeavours people make. We are so busy in crafting a so-called beautiful tomorrow that we forget that the present is more important and we need to appreciate that. A big thank you to everyone who helped me. I believe a small gesture can make more difference than a grand one. A big thank you to everyone who made those small gestures. "A big Thank you"

Hope you liked the post and the styling !

Loads of love,

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  1. Lovely post :) I do believe in quality rather than those numbers on instagram or Facebook :) Self satisfaction is more important and getting our creativity through blogging makes each one of us unique <3


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