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To me, morning is an important time of the day. How I spend my morning usually decides the kind of day I am going to have. Most of us have 50 to 60 work hours during a week. It is extremely important to create a morning ritual to combat distractions. For someone who has a daytime job and runs a blog, I need to balance time out. Mornings are usually "me time". Today, I thought I will share my morning rituals through photos.

1. Get up early : I know sounds cliché. Unfortunately I am one of those old souls, who likes to go to bed early and get up early. Having head start in the day gives me extra time for myself before I get lost in the rat race.

2. Cup of Water : My morning usually starts with a cup of lukewarm water. It helps cleanse your body by flushing out the toxins. It also helps improve blood circulation.

3. A bowl of fruit : I am a huge Rujuta Diwekar follower. I followed her diet and it did wonders for me to lose weight. Yes, I have been on and off the weight loss wagon. Starting your day with fruit balances your system levels. My go to fruit is papaya. I have been eating it for years now.

4. Dress Up : It is important, I spend some time taking a hot water shower and getting ready. I usually spend little extra time setting my hair and doing my makeup. It makes a huge difference to my confidence level. I love comfortable and classy work wear. My wardrobe is filled with them. I love wearing lace and pearls to work. If you have been following my blog, you would have noticed the zillion times I have restyled this lace skirt.

5. Read : Morning is the best time to read. I start my day reading newspaper, fashion magazines and blogs. I usually check my favorite blogs out. I also land up answering few blog emails.

As important it is to follow my morning ritual, it is extremely important for me to have a cozy and warm place for myself when I am reading or having my morning fruit bowl. My go to places in my house have always been the kitchen and the dressing room.

I am not someone who walks out in the morning. I prefer going for walks late in the evening. After this, I am off to work to start my day!

If you have few moments to spare, do share your morning routine and what you thought of the styling.

Loads of love,

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