#TheOfficeSeries - The One with Satin and Metallics

Hello Everyone!

I know it has been almost three years since any of you saw a blogpost from Stilettos diary. Well, sometimes it is funny the way life works. It has been a very enriching three years. I have learnt that the hard experiences, do not define you but refine you. I took all those crazy experiences and lessons I learnt and kept them in a box labeled "THANK YOU". I stopped thinking in the lines of "Oh God! Why me? to "Thank God! It is me, I am strong enough to get through this". I do apologise to those who still follow me for the lack of posts. Thank you for your patience and kindness. Now, let's get into the new series I have created. It is called the #TheOfficeSeries.

I started this blog as a mid twenty fashion lover and now I am an 30 something blogger. My style and my outlook to fashion has changed. Recently I read the news about how Instagram is getting rid of likes from instagram to create a less pressurised platform. On a daily basis I scroll through well curated content of most bloggers (I do love the effort, perseverance and creativity) but I feel somewhere down the line we have lost realism. We chase perfection which is not the truth of those well curated content. These thoughts helped me create this series. The blogposts are outfits I wear to work shot on phone. This is how I started the blog, I am so happy that I am restarting the same way. The idea is to showcase realism and outfits shot on the go!

Real outfits do not mean non trendy outfits. It is about incorporating the fashion show trends into your daily life which suits your personality and style. In India, when it comes to work wear, we do not tend to experiment. We still stick to basic formal which usually comes in black, beige and grey. I styled this outfit to work this week and it is called "The One with Satin and Metallics" (Yes my ode to the amazing F.R.I.E.N.D.S shows on the shows 25th anniversary).Usually, satin clothes have a sheen associated with them but you do find satin finished tops which is not very overwhelming for work wear. They are great for layering as well. I paired the top with silver metallic skirt. Usually most styling of metallic is with black or white, I must say I am loving this olive and metallic silver combo. I finished the outfit with pop of orange lip color and matching heels. What do you think? Yay or Nay?

Trendy and different does not me I need to spurge a lot of money. Can you guess the cost of the outfit? Well check out the outfit details.


Top - SCULLERS FOR HER - KOOVS.COM (Click here), True to Size. I picked it up for Rs. 350 during Diwali 70% sale
Skirt - ORIGAMI LILY - KOOVS.COM (Click here), True to Size. I picked it up for Rs. 800 during Diwali 70% sale
Sunglasses - Old,Do not remember the brand
On my Lips- Loreal Paris
Heels - DOROTHY PERKINS - MYNTRA.COM (Click here), I bought this almost a year ago during Myntra New Year Sale for approx Rs.1200. It is Suede and the heels are super comfortable to walk in.


Thank you Priyasha my colleague for taking amazing photos on her phone.Do check out her Instagram page (Click here )

As you can see the entire outfit is within Rs.2500. The quality of the top and the skirt is really good. The skirt has a lining as well with elastic waist band. Cost effective does not mean bad quality clothes, it just means you are smarter with your spends. Do let me know what you think about the series and the outfit. I will be back with a new outfit on #TheOfficeSeries!

Loads of love,


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