#TheOfficeSeries - The One with Snakeskin print

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I am back with another post for my new series called as #TheOfficeSeries. This one is called "The one with snakeskin print". One of the prominent trends this season has been animal print especially snakeskin print. Today's blogpost is about styling them for causal friday. Most corporates say no to ripped jeans but I am styling this ripped jeans (very minimal ripping) and adding classic elements to make it more work wear friendly.

In this blogpost I have shown how much styling makes a difference for the final finish of any outfit.

In my first styling, I have gone for more relaxed look by not tucking the shirt and not belting the trench coat. Completed the look with pouch bag and loafers. If you are someone who likes casual styling then I suggest to go with this styling. It is super comfortable to get you through the long hours and extremely chaotic Fridays.

In my second styling, I tucked my shirt and wore pouch bag as belt. This makes the outfit look more polished. This is definitely my go to style.

For my final styling, I tucked the shirt and belted the trench coat. This is very classic style. I usually would wear this styling with tailored trousers, high heels but keeping in mind it is rainy season and I love my heels, I styled this look with jeans and loafers.

Do let me know which styling is your personal favorite. I have shared the outfit details below.


Top - H&M - (Old - got it 5 years ago) , Relaxed fit. Wearing S
Trench Coat - C/O Romwe.com - (Old - got it 5 years ago) True to Size. Wearing M
Sunglasses - C/O Romwe.com - (Old got it 5 years ago), True to Size.
On my Lips- Loreal Paris
Loafers and Jeans - ZARA INDIA - (Old got it 5 years ago)
Pouch Bag - MANGO - MYNRA.COM (Click here), I bought this almost a year ago during Myntra New Year Sale for approx Rs.1200.


Thank you Priyasha my colleague for taking amazing photos on her phone.Do check out her Instagram page (Click here )

Talking a bit about the series, it is outfits shot on the go via a phone. The blogposts are going to be as real as it gets! Do let me know your thoughts on the series.

P.S Is it me or managing your flats during rainy season is so painful. My black polished loafers by the time I reach office are almost brown thanks to dust and walking. I am someone who uses public transport but so tired of all my black shoes turning brown. If you have suggestions how you clean your shoes, DM me on instagram.

Loads of Love,

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